5 Must Ask Questions When You Visit A Boarding School

When you are picking a good boarding school in Dehradun for your child, you want to know that you are making the best decision and choosing a school that will suit your child personality, bring out the best in her or him and gives the best possible start in life. There are some important questions you need to ask the school when you visit for the first time. 5 must ask questions  are just mentioned below.

Boarding Schools in Dehradun1. What Accreditation Do You Have?
All good boarding schools in Dehradun will be members of regulatory bodies like All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), so the first question you need to ask is whether or not the school is a member of any regulatory body. Regulatory bodies are there to provide regular monitoring of member schools as well as assessing every aspect of life in each school.

2. What Are Your Admissions Procedures?
Entry to a good boarding school can be competitive. You need to find out how likely your child is to be provided a place, what he or she will need to do to get one. Apart from this, you have to know whether your kid meets, any academic entrance needs or not and what the admissions procedures and so on.

3. What Extra-Curricular Activities Do You Offer?
Extra-curricular activities are important for character building because they develop non-academic skills that will be necessary for your child throughout life. Some of the common activities include Baseball and softball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Climbing, Cycling. Ask them to provide you a timetable of these activities so that you can ensure there are some that your child will be interested in.

4. How Big Are The Classes?
Class size makes a huge difference to the quality of your kid’s education. For example- Small class sizes encourage your child to get involved in the academic discussions, and this will be a great skill for university and life beyond it. Additionally, the smaller the class size, the more individual attention your child will get.

5. What Punishment Is Used To Discipline Students Who Break The Rules?
Get some answers about the rules and regulations your child will be liable to, especially surrounding their boarding house. For example– Are the boarding houses single sex or mixed? Are they permitted out on their own at weekends? What are the school’s policies on mobile phones? Apart from this, you should also ask what punishments are used to discipline students who break rules.

We think that these questions will help you to gain an insider’s view of any boarding school in Dehradun.