About CIE programme

About CIE Programme

The Cambridge International Education Program (CIE) is offered by the Cambridge International, established in the United Kingdom (UK). This program offers unique combinations of subjects, that give the flexibility of students to choose electives that are unrelated to the stream picked by them for their majors. This is relevant in today’s times because students often struggle with certain courses that may not interest them, or in cases where a student is not able to meet a minimum eligibility aptitude score for the same.

For example, there are cases where a student majoring in Science has also selected History as one of the subjects for their A Level, because of their inclination towards that subject.

CIE For Undergrad Education

CIE Curriculum is recommended for those students who wish to pursue their education in a university overseas, or in a university in India that follows a foreign curriculum. Through the scores collected from AS/A Levels, the students earn credits, which are a pre-requisite for admission to certain universities. Therefore, to fulfil a certain standard of admission criterion in the universities overseas, the credit system of CIE provides a pedestal for further building up of the profile.

For further information on CIE Curriculum, our Admission Counsellors can be contacted electronically or in person. Ecole Globale gives the option of choosing the CIE Curriculum Class IX onwards. Therefore, the CIE Curriculum in the School is an option from Classes IX-XII.

Courses offered in CIE are as follows:


  • Group 1: Languages-English, French, Spanish, Hindi
  • Group 2: Humanities-History, Geography, Economics
  • Group 3: Sciences-Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Management
  • Group 4: Mathematics
  • Group 5: Creative and Vocational -ICT/Art , business, accounts

The school also provides the Cambridge ICE certificate which is awarded to students who pass in at least seven Cambridge IGCSE subjects, including two from Group 1 and one from each of Groups 2 to 5. The seventh subject may be chosen from any of the syllabus groups.

AS/A level

  • English Language
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Accounts
  • Psychology
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Information
  • Technology

Students who qualify for the Cambridge ICE award will be placed in one of three categories:-

  • Distinction – Grade A or better in five subjects and grade C or better in two subjects.
  • Merit-Grade C or better in five subjects and grade F or better in two subjects.
  • Pass-Grade G or better in seven subjects.