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10 Hacks For Students Starting A New School

Switching school is not an easy journey. Losing friends, parting from your favorite teacher, and no return realization makes you sad and alone. No matter how much technology grows, how strongly we connect through social media platforms but old school friendships and stories never return. Everyone and everything changes with passing years, and from being parts of each other’s lives, they become just part of memories and old school stories. Certainly, it creates a void in our hearts, but it eventually heals of with time. The beginning of the new school story might be odd and not as happy as it used to be earlier, but for sure, there are other interesting and joyful stories waiting for you. 

Entering into a new school campus is always going against the winds, but you chime more when it’s hard to cross the winds. The first day at the campus feels like being at a place where you do not belong as the place is a stranger to you, and you are a stranger to the place, but this relationship grows strong when you keep the effort to know each other. That nosiest class of yours is full of students, but still, you feel lonesome because you miss the people you have left back therein old school. But there is that one person who steps forward and asks to hold hand to dive into the pool of complete strangers. Sooner or later but these strangers will again be an inseparable part of you and your school life. 

Fear none: 

Even if you are an introvert, you need to fear those students as they are as of your age, and there’s always a teacher having your back. To avoid bullies try to construct conversation when someone tries to approach you, and even you can initiate conversations. Making friends at a young age is easy but making the right friends is a choice. Therefore be with those who comfort you, accept you the way you are and do not try to mend you accordingly.

Avoid unhealthy conversations:

As being new to the campus and the atmosphere, you know nothing about the rules and regulations. Also, you do not know the people out there, therefore do not indulge yourself in any inappropriate activity or even task that creates a wrong expression or creates a question mark pointing towards you. But never fear to raise your voice against the odds. Remember, you do justice rightfully.


Any opportunity that you are offered, or you see it’s coming to you, never say no. It is important to give it a try. Never hesitate to showcase the thing you are good at. Generally, at a new place or around unlikely people, we fear being judged. The thing is, we do not look at the brighter side, what if it is appreciated, what if it makes you a decent position, what if it gets your charm back; so always step out of your comfort zone try out some cool creative things, doesn’t matter if you lose or fall because this failure can lead the base of your success.

Wear your confidence:

If you are asked, questions never stay silent either say sorry for not knowing the answer or if you know the answer, give it politely. Your confidence is the key that will make your persona look ornamented. But there is the slightest difference between confidence and ego. It is important that you keep yourself grounded and away from ego because everything that confidence builds up for you can be destroyed in a bit through ego. 


There are seniors, faculty members, and other staff around. You need to respect every person for what they contribute to maintaining the school where you study. A school is a place of worship of students. You pray you to study, you learn here, and this is what makes it so holy. You need to understand that no work is less-dignified; it is us who snatch away their dignity to satisfy our fake ego. Being disrespectful doesn’t make us cool. Either way, pointing fingers towards them shows how frivolous we are.  


Whenever you need some help to speak it up, and if somebody seeks helps, do offer help at your best. If you promise something, always try to keep your promise and never promise if you are not sure about it. Building false hope for someone is rude and may damage your relations. Always empathize before you say no to someone for help, place yourself on the other side, and feel the emotions.

Avoid peer pressure:

At a young age, we find many devilish paths into which we are being dragged by our near ones, but the choice of the path should always be ours. You must know what is right and what is wrong, do not lose your senses on what others prefer. Their preference and your preferences can differ as they do not aim for the same life goal as you do. 

Choice of friends:

During your school, you learn to make friends. Blood relationships are something you are born with but friendships you create. Any wrong choice of person can change you as well as your conditions, so choose wisely. Trust your wits, scrutinize the people that surround you, and never give them your trust at first; instead, make them earn it with time. It is not easy to channelize people, but with age, time, and experience, you learn. Also, it is good to be deceived as you learn better through broken pieces.

Never lose your family:

No matter how good or supportive your friends maybe but, never fight with your parents or family for them. Friendships break or get separated with distance and time, but it is your family that will never leave you alone or will distance from you even if you travel beyond country boundaries. Always maintain that trust and respect for yourself and earn their love.

Be yourself:

Never lose your individuality. Change is the only constant in this motive world, but your inside person should never be affected. Your personality might change, your body might change its shape, all other materialistic things about you may change but never let your soul change. Whenever your feel something is not right, listen to yourself listen to your inner voice.

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