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A renowned venue for superior education in Dehradun

The “education hub”, Dehradun, is probably the largest conglomerate of the prestigious educational institutions in the country. It is home to some of the best ranking schools and boarding schools in India. The quality of education imparted by many of the schools in Dehradun is in league with the international standards set by the International Baccalaureate (IB) and CAIE ( Cambridge Assessment International Education). These boards are globally acclaimed and provide the students with excellent international exposure.

The British province has entrenched the education system in some of the oldest schools of Dehradun. The model set by them profoundly influences the schools. Also, because of their long time run, they have emerged out as some of the best-experienced institutions in terms of quality education and personality development.

The boarding schools in  Dehradun are well known nationally and even internationally. These schools have been instrumental in providing very efficient college preparatory knowledge along with phenomenal character enhancement. The students of these schools have acquired an imposing and confident persona, with immaculate human virtues and intellect.

Here as s few reasons that make Dehradun an outstanding choice for elementary, primary and secondary level education:-

  • Location:- One of the greatest assets of this particular city is its location. Dehradun is located in the ascent of the magnificent Himalayan Ranges, nestled between the mountains and is hence, known as the Dehradun valley. The city lies near the various famous landmarks and the capital city of New Delhi.
  • Surroundings and Environment:-  The milieu of this gorgeous city consists of lush green landscapes, encircled with a view of a charming panorama. The perspective of the surroundings emanates a very peaceful and calm aura. Some of the schools are located on the outskirts away from the bustling city chaos. All these aspects are very favorable for learning, and the scholars can gain in such affluence.
  • Climate and weather conditions:- Along with the pristine atmosphere, Dehradun experiences a very moderate climate. The summers are not extremely and unbearably hot, and the winters are also comparatively pleasant. The weather all around the year is very tolerable and hence helps the students in efficiently managing their studies. The climatic conditions of Dehradun cannot be considered as an interference in gaining knowledge, therefore giving the students an extra edge compared to the rest of the country.
  • Quality of education:- Conspicuously, the leading schools of Dehradun, adopts a very vigorous education curriculum, that benefits the students in every sphere of life. Progressive teaching methodologies have followed that help the students in achieving mental, physical and academic level supremacy. Particular emphasis is provided to the sports and other extra-curricular activities, that help in building a better over-all personality of the students. Students of Dehradun have shown excellent performances in various sectors over the years. They have proved their abilities in the national as well as the international levels.
  • Societal Aspects:- Dehradun homes numerous people with different religions who live in harmony with each other. No relative dominance of a particular religious sect is seen to be prevalent here. People here are very secular and respects all the cultures and traditions of different communities. No history of religious violence is present, and also, it is free from the various forms of discriminations.
  • Safety concerns:- Dehradun was voted as the second safest city in the country in the recent survey and hence can be considered an excellent place in terms of security. The criminal cases in this city are deficient. The city is also extremely safe for women, providing a very liberating atmosphere to them. No such harsh restrictions for the girls are followed here. The crime rates against the girls here are negligible; therefore, it can be considered the best option for building a girls boarding school.
  • Higher education:- The city also has several colleges having the provisions for the various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Also, some prestigious higher educational institutions of the country like IIT Roorkee is situated very near to the city.
  • Infrastructure and facilities:- The facilities and the infrastructure in some of the best schools of Dehradun is in par with international standards. The amenities provided are world-class. Also, the educationists that are employed are expert and well experienced in their fields. The classrooms are equipped with the latest technologies, which promotes a very interactive learning experience.

These reasons, as mentioned earlier, make Dehradun a perfect choice for the students when it comes to schooling. The advantages that Dehradun offers are a level higher than most of the schools in the country, and it is also preferred and recommended by a majority of parents and the educationists. Some of the most successful people of the country today have been a part of the best schools of Dehradun hence making it the “School capital of India”

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