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Every teenager is incomplete without fantasy and fascination. The wings of imagination empower you to fly into the blue sky of life. Everything that happens, in reality, is first generated in the world of imagination. Teenage is an age of fluctuating hormone secretion due to which the flow of emotions keeps on changing. To keep body and soul happy is what fantasy works for. With this evolutionary time, there are many technologies and devices to quench the thirst for fantasy, but no matter what, books have always been the best mate for humans.
Book reading is considered as  an important  process for students. Each time you flip a book, each page winds you, and with the winds, you travel to the world of the writer’s imagination where the writer has different rooms for his readers and admirers. Your transition from the world of reality into imagination is the first step; experiencing the fantasy, building fascinations, and establishing connections is the next step. Book reading is an engaging practice that helps you escape reality to live a few moments in a place where you wish to belong, a place that you built on your own just for yourself to attain absolute peace and happiness.

Here is a list of top fantasy novel that every teen wishes to read and be a part of:

Harry Potter and its complete series:

J K Rowling writes the book. The book series is counted against the list of the top three most sold items. This is an evergreen story about three friends Harry, Ron, and Hermione, who met in their school Hogwarts, the best magic school. This fantastic story teaches the value of good friends, good mentors, and good education. During the entire series, the trio fights the evils and the lousy magic of Lord Voldemort, a prodigious ex-student of the school, also responsible for the death of Harry’s parents. The story has a plot with the fundamental teaching of “peace around the world,” “where there is a will, there is a way,” “in the end it is the truth and the good that wins; if not, then it wasn’t the end,” “true friendships are not supposed to end and if they do they weren’t true,” etc. The writer’s incredible thought process builds out such a book of magic that does actual magic over youngsters. The book is so adventurous, fascinating, and engaging that there is no escape from the novel. It is a series of 8 novels with a consistent chain of stories and events that instigates the reader to stick to the book. There is a complete series of movies for the same, but the book is always the best and most accurate to its events and emotions than the movie in motion.

Fantastic Beasts and its series:

This is another book of magic written by J K Rowling. The series is interconnected with the Harry Potter series but to understand or relate the story of this novel, you don’t need to know about the Harry Potter series. If you know the previous series, it is good; if not, it doesn’t matter. The first two parts of the novel have been cinematized, but the rest are not yet made. As mentioned earlier, it is better if you involve yourself with the book as you can live and read as the author wants you to and not how the director or scriptwriter of the movie wants. The story revolves around a boy who is offered a job in the ministry of magic, but he refuses to do it. His love and compassion for magical animals and the environment make him do so. He is a Britisher and travels to America for some official work, and right from there, the story begins. The book is about magic, witchcraft, and other adventure fantasies, which is the dream of every other teenager.

The Beauty and the Beast:

The epic story of love and grace teaches us the most valuable lesson about living being, “it is not the body that you fall in love with; it is the innocence, purity, and honesty of the soul that makes you feel loved.” The story is about a girl Belle who is brought and raised by her father as a single parent in the crowded city of Paris. She says during the novel that, yet being surrounded by the crowd, she feels lonely, which is why she loves to be with books in the library where she lives different characters and different stories each day. one day, due to sudden circumstances, she is encountered a living beast that lives in a giant palace with some peculiar non-living living objects. She is trapped in the castle, but she eventually fell in love with the beast, and with the symbol of true love, the beast turns back to a pretty handsome king, and all the peculiar objects turn to the king’s courtiers and the countrymen. The curse that made the king into a beast got finished, and then they lived happily ever after.

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