That hunger for something so profoundly that you can’t escape it “Passion.” It can relate to life’s purpose, or when you find what your passion is, you can pursue it wholeheartedly and bring immense satisfaction Read more

Ways to discipline an aggressive child

Ways to discipline an aggressive child

Every person has a tendency to react aggressively in certain situations of life. Anger is the most basic human behaviour. Violence is caused due to irritation, discomfort, helplessness, fear etc. Everyone loses their temper when Read more


Protecting kids from lifestyle diseases

Inferable from the developing urbanization of the cities, innovative improvements, quick-paced life, and dietary changes, society has experienced a serious change, especially regarding health and lifestyle. This has thusly added to the ascent of such Read more

Diversity in schools

Why is it crucial to acknowledge diversity in schools

Today diversity spans around language, race, religion, geography and educational backgrounds making us more diverse in all the aspects of life, culturally and ethnically. Despite the fact, many schools do not acknowledge diversity. There are Read more

high school health problems

Common colleges and high school health problems faced by students

  There are a host of health complications (contagious as well as the ones acquired through bad lifestyle) to which students of schools and colleges are susceptible. Given below is a list and details of Read more

how to stop siblings from fighting

Ways to Minimize Your Kids Fighting

How to stop siblings from fighting There are many reasons for which children fight with each other. It is very difficult for parents to decide when to intervene and take action. Sometimes the silliest reasons Read more