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Problems faced by girls in schools of India

There are numerous problems faced by girls in schools of India. They can be problems related to the infrastructure, or social problems. It doesn’t matter what school it is, but these problems exist. This article by a senior writer will help you find out what are some of the problems.

There are a lot of problems which face girls in schools. But they are facing more problems because they are girls. Girls have been treated as second-class citizens in India despite talking big about gender equality. Today we’ll talk about what problems do girls face in schools in India. You will be amazed to see how our thoughts are distorted by society and how we punish girls for not conforming to social norms.

School-going girls in India face a number of problems that are unique to them and have a negative impact on their growth. While many of these need to be faced by the girls alone, some of them can be mitigated with help from everyone around. Let us go through 10 problems that most girls face during school.

Problems faced by girls in schools of India

Recently India is growing rapidly in the Education sector too. Nowadays almost all families are giving education to their girls instead of boys. Still, there are so many things that need to be modified. Today I am going to share some problems which students face in schools.

With the fast growth of education in India, more and more girls have started going to school. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t facing any problems regarding education. In fact, in my opinion, it is the lack of awareness about basic education which leads to many problems for girls in schools.

As a girl myself with a great interest in English literature, I have come up with many ideas about this major subject problem for girls.

As per research conducted by international schools in india , most of the girls drop out of school because they are not allowed to go to a place that is far from their homes. Many parents do not allow their children to go to a school which is very far from their home.

Even if the girl is educated and goes to a good school, there are chances that it will be dropped out for marriage purposes.

Many parents in India think that girls should get married as soon as possible, so they do not want their daughters to study more.

I am a girl who had previously lived in India and I have seen this first hand.

Problems faced by girls in schools of India

Kids are mean.

There is no way around it. They will be mean, they will do things that make you feel bad, and as a girl, there will always be pressure to get good grades.

Societal pressures are real in India and if you are a girl, it is never more apparent than when you are in school. You can’t eat too much, you can’t eat outside food, you can’t wear jeans, you can’t go out with friends once you reach a certain age, and the list goes on.

It’s tough because as a girl you don’t want to be seen as different or not fit into the idea of what people think a daughter should be like.

The pressure to perform well academically is always there because your family’s honor is at stake. People really care about how girls perform in school because they are supposed to get the best jobs in order to find the best men who will support them for the rest of their lives. It’s so ironic when some of these men who expect women to cook all day long are actually men who may not even know how to cook themselves! 

In India, Girls face many problems in schools. They don’t have toilets for girls and the teachers don’t even know how to teach.

The toilets in schools are a major problem for girls. Many girls don’t go to school because they feel uncomfortable using open or unclean toilets. There are no separate toilets for boys and girls.

Some schools do not even have toilets at all. This is a big problem as the students have to go home just to use the toilet.


There are many schools that have a poor quality of education and teachers who do not know how to teach properly. As a result, the students do not learn anything and waste their time in the classroom.

Many girls are forced into early marriages which prevents them from getting an education or job opportunities in their future life. This leads them into poverty and depression later on in life with no hope at all.

Widespread gender discrimination against girls in schools is a significant problem all throughout India. While there are laws designed to combat and prevent such discrimination, they are rarely enforced. Thus, girls face significant hurdles each day just trying to get an education.

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