How To Help Students To Be Independent Learners

How To Help Students To Be Independent Learners

Independent learning is essential for students to become successful. When the students set objectives, assess, and monitor their own academic growth, it is known as independent learning. It is vital so that students can handle Read more

characteristics of a good primary school teacher


Teachers and educators are the pillars of modern society. Without education, the present community today cannot be visualized, and teachers are the drivers of education. The significance of educators is conspicuous from the fact that Read more

First day of school for teachers checklist

First day of school for teachers checklist

NEW TEACHER START OF SCHOOL STRATEGIES Whenever we step forward and start with a new phase in life, it’s elementary to get nervous. Be it a new class, a new college, or a new job, Read more

Teacher Planning Time

Importance of Teacher Planning Time

The key part of effective teaching is teacher planning and preparation. Issues like reducing the number of days each week that students come to school, increasing the number of periods in a day, putting school Read more

welcoming back students

Ways to welcome students back to school

It’s important to make the students feel welcome and comfortable when they enter the classroom on the first day of the school. Students should feel their classroom like a second home as they spend their Read more

class routine for school

Importance of procedures and routines in the classroom

Routine is the key to a well-managed and organized classroom. Routines help students to focus on learning and also help them to understand what is expected of them. International Schools generally have the best management and Read more

Group Instruction

Importance of Whole Group Instruction

 Whole-class instruction is often provided through teacher-led direct instruction. With minimal differentiation content, supplemental materials or textbooks are used to provide these instructions. Regardless of where a particular student is, the teacher provides the same Read more