Ecole Globale School Review
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Ecole-Globale is one of the Top International girls boarding schools of India and the number one choice of parents for their children’s education.  Ecole Globale is situated near the foothill of Himalayas in Dehradun which is education capital of India and also considered as the best place for school education. Ecole Globale was established in 2012 by MR. Amarjeet Juneja  with the aim to empower  young girls and make them discover their intellectual, creative and physical potential to embrace the 21st century so that they can become the next thought leaders of the world. Ecole Globale comes under the umbrella of Asian Educational Charitable Trust who also managed the well known  Asian School. 

Ecole Globale is not only known for providing excellent education but it is also highly renowned for providing Top class infrastructure, big playgrounds , Technological advanced environment  with well equipped  5 spacious Boarding  houses  which are technology friendly as well as include sports amenities, medical facilities and  a large Messing hall for the students. It is spread over a 40 acres of lush green campus with a view of Shivalik range of Himalayas and a peaceful environment for students which enhances their education experience. Campus for Ecole Globale was architecturally planned and constructed beautifully which is highly maintained by the staff of Ecole Globale.

Ecole Globale provide education in two boards first is well renowned in India which is Central Board Of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) and the second one os Cambridge International Education( CIE ). Ecole Globale is a best Girls  boarding school so the students from all over the world come to Ecole Globale so they have  given  a choice  of  selecting either boards for their education according to their academic background, their future academic goals. 

In Ecole Globale students not only get the best education , but they also receive international exposure as schools has created an exchange programme where students of Ecole Globale sent abroad for education as well as the school invite international students to study in Ecole Globale for a term . This type of Exchange program gives students  better understanding of different cultures. 

Ecole Globale is one of the only schools that provide a “ Finishing School Certificate “ it is a course alongside the curriculum that will help the children to prepare  them for life ahead. The course started from class 4 to class 12 it a life transformation course that will aim to make students ready to face the real life challenges for both personal and professional life , make good decisions , handle tough arguments or simply ensure the smooth  run of the household. 

Ecole Globale is ranked 2nd as the best girl boarding school of India by the Times of India additionally they have won numerous national as well as international awards for providing best education  as well as holistically development to  their students and the ecole globale has a school average of 93%  as students get excellent coaching by the teachers as they have created a environment where student learn to understand the concepts rather than rote learning. 

As Students  gets best education and all round development making them ready to face the real world after schools  and that’s why  students of Ecole Globale are widely accepted in Top university all over the world  as it is a tough task to clear the entrance test bht the students of Ecole Globale prepared in a way they can clear  difficult entrance exams easily. 

That’s why  most parents choose Ecole Globale so that they can provide the best education possible to their child  and help them  becoming independent, confident and become the next thought leaders of the world.