Anshu Mailini

As a parent, I am very satisfied with Ecole. Ecole not only provides you with world-class facilities but also helps in the holistic development of your child. Apart from many extra co-curricular activities which a child can be a part of, the most important is the environment in which the child is growing and at Ecole, you can’t ask for more. The lush green campus, beautifully designed landscape is a treat to the eye. Ecole not only promises but delivers!!! My daughter is proud to be an Ecolier!!!!

Dr. Dharmendra Nath

Our experience with Ecole has been tremendously good. I can see significant change in my Darling Daughter Rishima in terms of overall growth. It makes us glad to see how Happy and Proud she feels now, to be a part of this magnificent Organisation. Whether it’s world class education, extra-curricular activities,Yummy Food facilities or extremely Caring, approachable staff and teachers.. we are so thankful to you all Ecole is definitely leading the game. We feel proud and delighted to be a part of our daughters journey at Ecole.

Nishi Singh (English PGT)

Ecole Globale represents an opportunity for every teacher to maximize their potential and to watch their students grow. The reason why I’ve chosen Ecole Globale is the joy of seeing every child developing new skills and building their lives on knowledge and hard work. This school is also a perfect place for students to understand that their voice do matter and are listened. It is indeed amazing to see inspired teachers who want to make a difference in teaching and to have a place in their students’ hearts.

Nishi Singh (English PGT)

Ecole to me is way beyond just an educational institution, it’s way beyond a building I have completed my high school in. I have not only evolved in my studies but also made sure I was a part of every activity, every event that took place in Ecole. Today I can call myself – “a phenomenal woman” and Ecole has the largest role to play. If ever I get a chance to be a part of this beautiful place once again, I will accept it with an open heart.

Vidhi Tiwari (Alumni 2018 Batch)

Ecole is not just a word anymore. Its a word that accompanies a weight of memories, leadership and growth. It teaches you to only choose to be confident no matter what the other option is. Ecole will always a great place in my heart because I am what I am due to the very help and support of that beautiful institute. It ties you in a thread linked to so many others which give you several relations you treasure for a lifetime.