Ecole Globale is a fantastic school for my girl as it has upheld its renowned name and high standards. Ever since she was enrolled here in class XI, we can see an overall development in her personality. From sports to economy she is enthusiastic about everything and has actually shown interest in knowing what goes about in the world. She has improved in sports and her language and communication is terrific now and we have the school’s team to thank for this. We were a bit skeptical earlier about sending her all the way to Dehradun for her studies but once when we were in the campus, the awe inspiring environment and the super friendly staff just assured us that we were not making a mistake. The academics here are so practical that it is just intriguing to know how fun it must be to attend a class here. We are so happy with her performance in math and science and other subjects as well; and the entire credit goes to her teachers who have infused so much confidence in her that we are satisfied that she would do extra ordinary in her career.

As a parent, I can vouch for Ecole Globale Girls School as one of the best boarding schools for girls in Dehradun city. I am highly impressed by the staff by the way they are managing the school and its students. The security for the girls is supreme and this is the major point I chose this boarding school for my child. Thus, I sincerely congratulate the entire team of Ecole Globale for their at par excellence in the field of education. I hope that they continue with their great work with the same zeal towards female as they are doing now, good luck to the team and keep up the good work for the each and every student there.

Ecole Globale School- an all girls school, has certainly been a motivator for us to broaden our thoughts in regards to send our girls to a boarding school, given the chaotic environment outside these days. The exclusive requirements of a girl student, combined with the individual consideration stood to students are exceptional. And their security here is the best feature we love about this school. Aside from their scholarly progress, students selected at the Ecole Globale have the benefit of collaborating with different student groups which can guide them with their social advancement, in an exceptionally positive way, grooming their social skills. It is significant that both our girls- one in IX and other in II standard are getting their education from a global foundation to encourage smooth procedures when they move out for colleges. Our first child has been one of the exceptional performers in her academics, and as a result of our solace with her academic advancement, our younger daughter child has also joined Ecole Globale and we are so happy with their individual performances.

This school encourages new students to adjust first to the new environment and then they focus on their scholarly performance and to an alternate learning and necessary extra-curricular activity framework, constantly prepared to enabling the child to beat the hardships of the learning procedures. The staff is so brilliant and skilled that they create such a wonderful environment and favorable conditions that help in developing themselves empower the student to take an interest in school and other undertakings that interests them. In spite of the social contrasts, there are no issues in correspondence/cooperation, while we – the guardians were constantly kept unequivocally informed about our child’s achievements. That is the reason that we trust this school and declare it as one of the best residential boarding school for girls.

Our children- three girls and all of them have been a part of the best boarding school for girls in Dehradun- Ecole Globale School for a long time now. They have gotten an excellent education so far so they won’t be having any issues to join universities outside India as we would soon be moving out. Other than the great educators and study conditions Ecole Globale has an agreeable, family-like atmosphere because of their staff and students. As our children are happy with the school, this makes their academic performances even better because they enjoy their school. This is the best girl’s boarding school in India for my young ladies. It was a simple choice to make since it is the best school in all of Dehradun. The school has imaginative and minding instructors which is essential to us.

This school offers exclusive training over varied subjects, extra- curricular activities and sports. My young ladies absolutely love the Art and Music classes here! My young ladies are learning at an extraordinary rate. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire school administration and the dazzling educators at Ecole Globale.

The girls have demonstrated an enormous development, enthusiasm for learning and handwriting over the years. They have shown sure developments in their individual natures, their eagerness for all things (they are in every case brimming with thoughts) and their inspirational frames of mind. I trust it is the mix of school and the social diversity they have there that has worked so well together to help make my kids balanced. The way that they like and appreciate school is a demonstration of all of you as a team. Much obliged to you to everybody at the school. We will miss you!

What would a parent of a 12 year old girl want when he is looking for a boarding school considering that his little one’s future and safety in mind? The first thing he would look out for is her safety. Ecole Globale International School for Girls has been outstanding when it came to convincing me in this regard and my God they have stood firm on their grounds. I took three sessions to get convinced about her safety and once I was convinced only then I had checked their curriculum and I was so proud of myself that I chose one of the best boarding schools for girls in India. The academic curriculum, sports facilities and the extra-curricular activities here are excellent. My girl has started to perform better than she did in her previous school and this has affirmed my decision in sending her to a girl’s boarding school that is focused on creating new standards for girl education in the country.

It has international ties and has open doors for its students for receiving higher education foreign countries; one of the best ways to become a global citizen while having the needed exposure for building a career and a life for themselves. The school encourages diverse cultures and this has helped my child become more social and empathetic- two major constituents of a good human being. Her improvement in her academics is splendid and I have the teachers of Ecole Globale to convey my genuine appreciation for their good work. My child is in safe hands and having a time of her life while learning the important concepts of science, math and language. Thank you Ecole Globale and kudos! Keep up the good work.

I love to hear stories from her school time every time I talk to my sweetheart.

At the beginning let me praise all of you at Ecole Globale international School for Girls wholeheartedly for genuinely being a women centered school and believing in the importance of girl education. I might want to salute and thank you for the gigantic exertion all of you put in for the annual day celebration. It was practically over-whelming to see our (apparently little) girls sparkle so splendidly with certainty. It is actually this preparation that our children will profit by for a long time to come – this has been a significant establishment in their lives. I am, for sure, profoundly appreciative for all the adoration our girls have received throughout the years – they have really thrived under your consideration, direction and hard-work. Left with the sentiment of not having the option to sufficiently express, I might want to thank you by and by (in more straightforward words!) for your dedication towards our girls and their education and overall development. Three years back I was searching the internet looking for best residential school for girls in India and pooped the name Ecole Globale. I checked the website and read their Vision and Philosophy and was intrigued immediately. Since my little girl had finished her standard V education back then, I was searching for the best boarding school for her in Dehradun.

The visit to the campus was exceptional and I was immediately convinced that this is where she will be receiving her further education here only and since then she has sustained well overall. Her command on the English language is outstanding and her interest in science is making me believe that she is going to make a career in the field of science only. The teachers here are supportive of the student’s interest and choice and this is the best part because this boosts the confidence in them which is necessary that they become confident from an early age. Thank you Ecole Globale.

I am writing this to praise the gigantic efforts that the best boarding school in Dehradun- Ecole Globale, has been putting in the betterment of the girls who study there. It is genuinely astonishing that they have such a skilled team who are so much dedicated in making the girls better with their academics and a pleasing personality. I just love the way they conduct their events- such effortlessly and creatively. Credit goes to the whole team administration and every single teacher there. Glad to be a part of the Ecole Globale International School for Girls Family. The students at Ecole Globale International School for Girls welcome and regard the distinctions in one another and have the certainty that whatever benefits or curiosity they have inside them, they can give a valiant effort to accept and merge these diversities.

That is I think, increasingly significant in the general advancement of the kids than their scholastics. I want to thank the school for all that they have done for my girl as well as for each kid in the school. The school has been extremely organized and extending when it comes to lesson planning and execution. Furthermore, as the school is extending their root across the globe for establishing the importance of women education and empowerment. They have been consistent with its inner qualities so thank you for allowing our girls the chance to become what they are and I’m anticipating seeing increasingly incredible stars leave the scholarly establishment once they graduate. Ecole Globale International School for Girls focuses in imparting positive qualities and empathy in its students. Its capacity to work with students and guardians supports greatness in young girls. It is building global citizens of tomorrow. Our child has become quite certain and mindful of herself since she has been in the school.

The teaching staff at Ecole Globale International School for Girls has consistently put extraordinary efforts in aiding and providing best academic and residential facilities to its students. I have been in this school for three years now and if I am to graph my progress it would definitely be on the up side. Normal classes held at our school to assist us with studies and our personal inclination outside academics and/or specialized abilities were of extraordinary assistance. Our admin officials likewise guided and supported us at each progression in this way helping me secure a good position in the all India merit in the XII boards. These years at Ecole Globale- the best boarding school in India, have been great and a memory to value for a lifetime. The years spent here have been loaded with learning prospects that were brimming with and with scholastic foundation that one needs to experience to have a better conceptual and critical understanding.

The global introduction through various activities and events makes you a superior person to confront the difficulties of the future corporate world that we would be a part of as our career progresses further. Because of the endeavors made by the staff, I had the option to get myself apply for the best universities outside India and will be joining college soon for my further studies. They generally gave me the help that I required for my overall advancement and to improve my social and interpersonal skills.

I will always be appreciative to them for giving me a foundation of learning and preparing me for the world outside. I am a proud student of this institute and will take my school’s name to great heights when I excel in my career. I recommend this school for every girl who wants to make a difference in their lives by receiving education from the best teachers and being a part of the best boarding school for girls in Dehradun.

Ecole Globale International School for Girls is where you can discover an amalgamation of learning, fun, culture, writing and numerous life lessons. I am grateful to the entire admin and teaching staff for giving us a stage to upgrade my aptitudes and a chance to exhibit them. An incredible feeling it is that my educational learning has been done at this best boarding school for girls in India and getting extraordinary platform to be a global citizen. I got to play football at the national level and it is a result of the endeavors put by our teachers and sports trainers, who consistently ensure that students get the best opportunities academic or otherwise. Ecole Globale School, since it is the best all girls boarding school, gives an incredible stage to its students by sorting out various exercises which are particularly useful for each student for choosing their future career path. My earnest gratitude and appreciation to the entire team of the school for their efforts in giving quality educational services and sports and fitness programs. I am extremely appreciative of them for successfully and genuinely helping me to get at a position that has laid a strong foundation for my career in sports.

I am exceptionally happy to share a positive adventure of an all girls boarding school life at Ecole Globale School. Here the atmosphere is brimming with inspiration and advancements including technical and art fields. Every teacher here is happy and constantly prepared to help. The learning here is not limited to just 30-40 minute period but is 24/7. I remember my teachers helping me out with my studies when football consumed all my time. I excelled in academics as well that wouldn’t have been possible unless I had the support of such dedicated teachers. I will always be on the team Ecole Globale even after when I graduate from here. A big thank you!

Ecole Globale School for girls has been a great contributor towards the development of my personality. Over the years I have spent in this awesome institute I have come to conclusion that it is the best boarding school for girls in India. It has helped me establish my leadership qualities, time management and team skills and I have also been able to advance these skills to whole new level. The infrastructure of Ecole Globale School is one of the finest in the Dehradun city. The teachers here make the place what it is today- the best boarding school. With an attitude of being ever ready to help, and not only in classroom lessons, but also providing the students with real-time case studies and hands on industry experience with field project works, they are the pillars of this esteemed institute and my experience here is a treasure for life.

As an undergraduate, who is about to lay the foundation of her career, you constantly hear how getting your degrees can help you advance faster and get better jobs. In my experience, this information is entirely true. Doing my XI and XII from here has provided me with numerous benefits and opportunities. I have gained tremendous knowledge about varied facets of the world outside. The courses offered are diverse and meant to prepare you for the basics of a professional life. The classes are full of challenging yet fun and creative cases which promote critical thinking and provide the students every chance to build a robust skill set applicable to many business career paths. The teachers provide us with real-world examples of how the concepts we are learning in class are being applied in the outside world. These connections show us that we are learning practical skills which we will use in our future career paths. My best wishes for the entire team here.

Before I praise the staff of Ecole Globale International School for Girls, I would first like to applaud them for their tremendous infrastructure and the rich green gardens around the campus. It is supported by surprising foundation, concentrating on the providing the best of education and residential facilities to us, Ecole Globale has given me professional greatness when it comes to the English language and my writing abilities. I have always wanted to be a writer and that’s when my teachers started to give my little assignments and first and now in class XI I am able to maintain my own blog (I will be an author soon after I do my graduation in English language form London). From the supporting staff members and my teacher’s magnificent teaching methods, all helped me upgrade my abilities to the ideal yet motivating me to never surrender. My experience here is an adventure for a lifetime and will remain with me for eternity. The scholarly involvement in a world class foundation and amazing staff has given me a confidence that I have a bright future ahead as an author.

The extraordinary projects and encouraging philosophies upheld by commonsense aptitudes and industry interface have given me the certainty to seek after my dream vocation ahead. The inspiration of the admin and the teachers has illuminated me all through the wonderful voyage of learning. My friends here come from varied backgrounds and their support has widened my imagination and perspective as a human being. Certainly, Ecole Globale is the best boarding school for girls in India. I would especially thank my language teachers for bearing with me for so long and not for once letting my spirits go down although I did lose (at one point during my class IX exams) my hopes for making a career in writing. Thank you so much teachers.