1. Ecole Globale International School

Ecole Globale International School

Ecole Globale came into being in April, 2012 and since then has risen high on the graph of education service. The president-Mr. Amarjeet Juneja propelled the school to inspire the female education rate in the nation. It is affiliated to the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Numerous young ladies even today are not accepting essential training in spite of the mindfulness battles because in the remote masses people still think that at last they have to become a decent spouse and a mother and that’s that. This mindset has hampered the female training framework more than any other factor. Ecole Globale was established with one single motive -to guarantee that girls in the country are not denied the essential education and training for a sustainable and independent life. They should be a fruitful character both inside and without the limits of their homes.

The crucial thing about education today is to have an educational plan that fills the need for a 21st century student. Nature of the school is fit to the necessities of its students so that their inborn abilities are exposed and sustained to help the autonomy of the person. Filling the excitement of an inquisitive personality and driving it in the correct way, moving them to channelize their energies on building the foundation of a superior future is the thing that gave Ecole Globale International School the top position when it comes to listing the best Schools in Dehradun.

  1. Asian school

Asian school in Dehradun

This school is a co-education school. It believes in the unification of traditional conventions and mixing diverse cultures of India with present day innovation in a domain where each kid is important. The Asian School is located in Dehradun. It is an English medium school which provides education from the nursery to XII. The School is partnered to the Central Board of Secondary Education. It focuses on the upliftment of educational standards in the society and readying the students for the professionals they would become in the future. In the present scenario of the education industry, the grand changes that it is observing, we need to educate our children, and these changes are important because the old tactics are no longer proving to be good enough for the new generation. They essentially need innovative ways to learn and prosper. With this belief Asian School has designed its curriculum that is suitable for educating the girls and the boys. Giving them an experience of a lifetime and basic tips to survive and grow in co-existence.

  1. Brown Cambridge School

Brown Cambridge School Dehradun

A school is meant to keep the lessons going even after the students leave the classrooms. Colonel Brown Cambridge School is a co-ed school Which is affiliated to ICSE and ISC. Be it scholastics, sports, extracurricular exercises or the infrastructural security, Colonel Brown Cambridge School, since its establishment in March 1926, has covered it all and has gained expertise in it as well.

Some Schools in Dehradun have been running since the British rule in India and are still standing firm on their grounds and Colonel Brown Cambridge School is one of them. They have adapted through the changes of time. These days education requires updation, technologically advanced and updated schools can prepare their students for the upcoming challenges of their respective lives. Schools teach their students self sufficiency along with needed math and science and life lessons. Considering a school either for a child in class I or class XII requires equal research and efforts because good education will make them the person they are. Dehradun being the education hub of the country has varied options for schools and it is always a good idea to do a thorough research before reaching to any conclusion.

  1. Doon Valley Public School (DVPS)

Doon Valley Public School

Doon Valley Public School in Dehradun, came into being on 2nd April 1982. It was founded by Late. Shri. G.R. Shimal and the second person to be with her at the foundation of the school was his wife Mrs. Chandra Prabha Shimal. DVPS believes that teachers’ involvement in the new and innovative ideas of teaching helps the school provide the needed lessons in a better way and also help in competing with the contemporary trends.  Doon Valley Public School is a co-ed school which is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). DVPS emphasizes on individual attention, self-esteem and personal responsibility and all round development of the students. They employ traditional methods of teaching with a modern approach practical applications of the subjects and – a mix that creates the workforce for tomorrow. The extensively arranged school grounds have open and spacious buldings, rambling grounds, courts, and a lot more pleasantries which are spread across the training and learning aspects of the school. DVPS has small classes designed to give singular attention given to every student.

  1. Woodstock School

Woodstock School in Dehradun

Woodstock School is located in Dehradun and has been running successfully for over 150 (since 1854) years now. It is a private, independent, co-education and non-profit foundation. In light of an expansive, testing and all encompassing educational program, Woodstock creates sure, viable, fruitful students and capable global citizens. Woodstock agreed the status of a Minority Charitable Educational Institution by the National Minorities Commission of India.