Pandemic outbreaks throughout history

Pandemic outbreaks throughout history

SOME DEADLY VIRUS OUTBREAKS IN HISTORY MEASLES Measles is a sporadic viral infection that is serious for kids but can be prevented by a vaccine. The disease is spread through the air by respiratory droplets Read more

How to be positive and encouraging parent

How to be positive and encouraging parent

WHAT IS POSITIVE PARENTING? Positive parenting can be described as a set of parenting behaviors that helps a child to love, explore, trust, and learn. Such parenting style fosters a very positive influence on the Read more


What are different types of parenting styles and their analysis

PARENTING STYLE Everyone wants to be the best parent for his child. Parents always try to do everything for their children, which they are capable of doing. They want to give their children the best Read more


How to educate your child on drug addiction

Addiction begins with a hope that something out there can instantly fill up the emptiness inside us. DRUG Any substance that induces a change in any organism internally or externally when consumed. Generally used for Read more


Ways to implement self – quarantine for COVID-19

COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that is spreading across the globe at a staggering rate. This disease has infected millions of people all around the world and has also resulted in thousands of deaths. Read more

sexual abuse

How to educate your child on sexual harassment

Well, no parent in the world wants his child to face sexual abuse, but we ignore the fact that in today’s cruel world, no one is safe. You never know what comes into someone’s psyche. Read more

How to get the best from the home- learning environment

Tips for students to get the best from the home- learning environment

TIPS FOR STUDENTS TO ENHANCE THE LEARNING FROM HOME EXPERIENCE School is not the only place where a student can learn new things and gain an education. At home, a child can learn a lot Read more

How social media affects the students


The prevalence of social media in the contemporary age is conspicuous in every sector of life. Today, every person in the world is susceptible to the influence of social media. It is no more a Read more

top revision tips

Best techniques to enhance your revision process

FANTASTIC TIPS AND TECHNIQUES FOR REVISION AND EXAM PREPARATION Just a day before the exam, there is a lot to revise. Looking at the pile of books and notes can intimidate any student, and they Read more