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    Top Boarding Schools in Dehradun
    Residential schools in Dehradun

    Top Boarding Schools in Dehradun

    With the contraction of physical boundaries in the internet age, it is imperative to understand the importance of teaching our children the essential life rules. A boarding school is considered to be a good option if parents want their children to excel in their lives. In India, Dehradun (Uttarakhand) is known for its schools.

    Here is a list of Boarding Schools in Dehradun Ecole Globale International Girls’ School, The Asian School, The Doon School, Welham Girl’s School, Woodstock School, Welham Boys’ School, Wynberg Allen School, Convent of Jesus and Mary, St. Georges College, and Delhi Public School

    1- Ecole Globale International Girls’ School

    Ecole Globale International Girls' School, Dehradun
    Ecole Globale International Girls’ School, Dehradun


    This School deserves to be on the top without the slightest doubt in my mind. The crucial part of a boarding school is to sustain the students and have an educational plan that fits the need for a 21st-century student.

    The importance of a boarding school is mandated according to the necessities of a student, so their natural gifts are exposed. They utilize innovation to have a superior comprehension of the consistently developing world outside the school grounds.

    Providing a sheltered situation for the students is the thing that assumed an essential job in this School’s prosperity. Understanding while discussing, and talking about without losing the composure is the establishment of the training conferred in the School’s educational program.

    Filling the excitement of a curious personality and driving it accurately, provoking them to channelize their energies on the building blocks of a superior future is the thing that gave Ecole Globale International Girls’ School a place among the top boarding schools in Dehradun.

    2- The Asian School

    The Asian School, Dehradun
    The Asian School, Dehradun


    This School is a co-education school. It believes in the unification of traditional conventions and mixing diverse cultures of India with present-day innovation in a domain where each kid is essential. The Asian School is among the top schools in Dehradun, and it offers English medium, co-education training from classes Nursery to XII. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education Board (CBSE).

    Being among the most respected centres of world-class education, this School believes in cultivating scholarly greatness, physical wellness, mental wellness, personality development and social cognizance.

    The School is focused on helping students thrive and survive into the 21st century as independent people soaking up characteristics of activities and initiatives. Such exposure helps in empowering them to become global citizens.

    Their curriculum urges the students to adapt sound moral qualities. Subsequently fortifying their rich legacy and creating human potential towards the advancement of society as a whole. The School is genuinely mainstream, with no accentuation on any one religion; however, with the presentation to and regard for all religions. It endeavours to create among its student’s comprehension and regard for the rights and duties associated with being an individual of society; as mindful global citizens of the world.

    3- The Doon School

    The Doon School, Dehradun
    The Doon School, Dehradun


    The Doon is an esteemed boys-only boarding school located in the capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun. The school started its journey in 1935 and was founded by Satish Ranjan Das, a lawyer from Kolkata. The school started on the British rules of education for Indian students, and today it is well-known as the “Eton of India”.

    The school is sprawled across a vast campus of 72 acres, and it adheres to the rules set by three prominent educational boards:

    • Council for the Certificate of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)
    • International Baccalaureate (IB)
    • International General Certificate of Secondary education (IGCSE)

    The Doon School has produced some of the greatest leaders of the country like Mr Vikram Seth (Novelist), Naveen Patnaik (CM of Odisha), Mr Rajeev Gandhi (Ex-PM of India), etc. The Doon School conducts classes for the boys from age 12 to 18 and has a student strength of 600 pupils.

    4- Welham Girls School

    Welham Girls School, Dehradun
    Welham Girls School, Dehradun


    Welham Girls’ School is another esteemed boarding school in Dehradun that offers secondary education to girls. It is a private school which follows the affiliation of ICSE for class 10th and ISC for class 12th. The school was arranged in the year 1957 and initially was known to provide an excellent education to only the elite section of the society.

    Welham Girl’s School has a well-constructed campus on a 12-acre land area. The admitting strength of the school is 660 girls from age 10-18 years.

    The students of Welham Girl’s School are well-known for their excellent academic performance and also for their participation and performance in various extracurricular activities. The facilities in the school are apt in securing a great learning experience for the girls. The teachers are dedicated and well-qualified and strive to provide the best educational training to the girls.

    Many famous personalities of India have been a part of this esteemed institution.

    5- Woodstock School

    Woodstock School, Dehradun


    Situated at a distance of approximately 35 km from the Dehradun Valley, The Woodstock School is a preeminent school located amidst the beautiful hills of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. The school was established in the year 1854 as one of the oldest residential schools in Asia.

    Woodstock School is one of the top schools in India with a considerable international presence. In the year 2019, the school adopted the International Baccalaureate (IB) affiliation entirely. The school has a large population of students who hail from a foreign country.

    Woodstock is well-known in school in north India, and many famous personalities are alumni of this school like – Tom Alter (Actor), Ruchi Narain (Filmmaker), Dorothy Riddle (psychologist), etc.

    6- Welham Boys’ School

    Welham Boys' School, Dehradun
    Welham Boys’ School, Dehradun


    Another establishment from the times of British rule in India, this School came into existence in 1937. Welham Boys’ School is another gem when it comes to good residential schools.

    This school targets to give a positive learning environment which energizes and enables every student to have a powerful feeling of dependable citizens, a profound feeling of equity, and unshaken confidence in secularism, intense affection for our nature and a tolerating faith in genuineness and respect for one and all.

    It tries to shape its students into people who are “multi-dimensional” to their most significant advantage, are excited for the quest for information, have a comprehensive perspective, can thoroughly consider new thoughts, and are “driven” in whatever they decide to do. It helps these boys become true gentlemen and be successful in their future endeavors.

    7- Wynberg Allen School

    Wynberg Allen School, Dehradun
    Wynberg Allen School, Dehradun


    Wynberg Allen School is a co-educational boarding school in Mussoorie, at a distance of 30 kilometers from Dehradun. This School has affiliations with the Council for Indian Schools Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi and the medium or instructional approach followed is English. The School offers educational training to the students from class 1st to class 12th.

    This is one of the oldest schools in the city and was founded in the year 188. The School is spread over an ample land area of 135 acres surrounded by the endearing valleys of Dehradun and nearby hills.

    Top Boarding Schools in Dehradun focuses on enhancing the physical, mental, cultural, recreational and even psychological abilities of the students. These schools also relay importance in building the IQ of the students and measuring their potential through this. Extracurricular activities are conducted regularly, and provisions are made so that students receive a plethora of opportunities in various fields to discover their true potential.

    The infrastructure of the School is well built with well constructed and technically furnished classrooms and labs. Playgrounds, common halls, auditorium, gymnasium and other facilities are also available in the best boarding schools in Dehradun.

    8- Convent Of Jesus And Mary Waverley School

    Convent Of Jesus And Mary Waverley School, Dehradun
    Convent Of Jesus And Mary Waverley School, Dehradun


    Convent of Jesus and Mary Waverley, Mussoorie is an all-girls day-boarding as well as residential School located at a distance of approx. 32 km from Dehradun.

    The School was established in the year 1845 and is affiliated to the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. It is among the top girls boarding schools in Dehradun.

    This School is a well-known school in the area and strives on the character development of the girls. CJM also empowers them to achieve great goals while serving society. This is included among the top Boarding Schools in Dehradun, and many girls from different parts of the country come here to receive educational training.

    Dehradun and Mussoorie are also considered to be one of the safest places for the girls; hence it is a preferred location by the parents. Surrounded by the beautiful view of the enthralling snow-clad mountains, the city is filled with breathtaking locations. It is a clean and green city with a peaceful society that helps students give utmost importance to the studies. It is a top-rated Boarding School in Dehradun.

    9- St. George’s College

    St. George's College, Dehradun
    St. George’s College, Dehradun


    St. George’s College is an all-boys, boarding as well as day-boarding school located at a distance of approx. 32 kilometers from Dehradun in Mussoorie. This School was established in the year 1853 and followed the curriculum set by the Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), New Delhi.

    It is one of the most beautiful schools of Dehradun with an enormous campus spread over 400 acres of land area. Among the top Boarding Schools in Dehradun, St. George’s College has occupied the top position due to its excellent facilities and teaching culture. The students of this School are known as Manorite. Many famous personalities, leaders, politicians and top army officials have gained their education from this prestigious School.

    The schools in Dehradun are celebrated for inculcating a very strong and impactful personality into their students which help them to succeed in life.

    10- Delhi Public School

    Delhi Public School, Dehradun
    Delhi Public School, Dehradun


    Delhi Public School is an esteemed school located in Dehradun. It is a well-known school in the area.

    The School offers good Educational training to the students from kindergarten to class 12th.

    It is considered among the top Schools in Dehradun and is equipped with all the essential elements that ensure a lucrative learning experience for the scholars. Schools in Dehradun focus on excellence in every field, from academics to extracurricular. This schools also give importance to the overall personality development of the students. Like many top boarding schools in Dehradun, Delhi Public School also has a world-class infrastructure with an excellent teacher: students ratio.

    A boarding school teaches a lot of things along with their academic curriculum-

    1- Confidence

    Boarding schools teach confidence because the student is out on his own, away from the comfort of their own homes. They become specialists at dealing with their time, cash and assets. These students develop rapidly and will, in general, be exceptionally free and fruitful in School and after school life.

    2- Less Distraction

    The Boarding schools’ students can concentrate better on their investigations since TV, computer games, telephones and different distractions are restricted. These youthful researchers, as a rule, perform better scholastically because they live in a situation that is- controlled freedom which is helpful for learning.

    3- Social Diversity

    Boarding schools students live and go to classes with individuals from an assortment of societies and social backgrounds; thus, they figure out how to acknowledge and regard the distinctions in each other. Students may even get familiar with the nuts and bolts of another dialect because of the companionship they form in the School.

    4- Character and Personality Development

    According to Ecole Globale, Boarding schools students are known to graduate with extraordinary character and aura. They live in a network where characteristics, for example, genuineness, regard and hard and smart work are esteemed and stressed upon.

    5- Elective Activities

    Boarding schools students are frequently presented to a more extensive scope of exercises- physical and mental, to expand their learning. They may take an interest in sports and activities, for example, football and band, or less traditional ones, for instance, jiu-jitsu and flight preparation.

    When we talk about Dehradun’s boarding schools there are but a few noteworthy recommendations and not just from me but; from several other parents, teachers and alumni who have been a part of these elite institutions or at least have had an up-close and personal experience.