Advantages of all girls boarding school over co-Ed schools

The schooling system offers two options to the parents and students for studying:- single-sex educational institutions or co-educational institutions. So what is the actual difference between the two? A co-educational or a co-ed school is Read more


Teaching stranger safety to children in school

‘Stranger Danger’ is something that consistently brings worry for the parents just as the children. We comprehend that as parents; you generally wish to keep your children safe and secure. Nonetheless, we likewise realize that Read more

Girls Boarding School in India

Girls Boarding Schools in India

In Indian educational framework the significance of decent training is put up high on the list of achievements. A decent boarding school is one of the alternatives to consider for a better education and professional Read more

Using-Cell Phones in Classroom

Cell Phones Disturbing Classroom Sessions

Cell Phones Disturbing Classroom Sessions In the age of modern technology and development, one of the most evident examples in front of one’s eye is the proliferation of cell phones. With various advantages like communication, Read more

Importance of safety education in schools

How important is it for a student to feel safe for academic success

School is one place that is supposed to be every child’s safe haven. Many children these days suffer from mental pressures from a very early age. This could be due to several reasons like-  working Read more