Unique methods of pedagogy at Ecole Globale

There has been a change in outlook as far as the procedures are followed over the world for upgraded cognizance of the learning forms. As the social orders, economies, and the innovations are developing step Read more

8 Advantages Of Application-Based Learning In Schools

Eight Advantages Of Application-Based Learning In Schools

The new age of technology has revolutionized every sector of our human lives. Today, our dependency on the latest inventions and futuristic technologies has made our lives much better and convenient. Technology has now become Read more

Defeating exam stress with practical approaches

Defeating exam stress with practical approaches

The exam time is here once more. And the exam fever is a regular situation among most school-going children nowadays; it is this pressure identified with examinations, which works as a negative motivation and can Read more

21st century skills for teachers

Characteristics of a 21st-Century Teacher

Innovative and internet advances in the past decade have influenced numerous aspects of our lives, including the manner in which we communicate, work together, learn, and educate. These advances also influenced the 21st-century educator as Read more

behaviour management for students

Behaviour management is crucial to learn.

Generally, behaviour management for students refers to all initiatives that the school and teachers undertake to provide activities that constitute meaningful learning experiences including the management of spaces, materials, times and grouping, and that may Read more

Importance of safety education in schools

How important is it for a student to feel safe for academic success

School is one place that is supposed to be every child’s safe haven. Many children these days suffer from mental pressures from a very early age. This could be due to several reasons like-  working Read more

online education

How Online Educations Works and How It Is Changing Indian Education Landscape

Introduction A few years ago, the state of the Indian education system was significantly dingy and apathetic. Several issues had been bothering the education system like lack of practical knowledge, outdated syllabus, insufficient quality teachers, Read more