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Gone are the days when just a degree would land you up in a perfect job. Times have changed a lot as the competition is rising day by day. It is becoming more difficult for students to get a job and for a company to hire a student. 

Employers are looking to hire students or college graduates who are skilled and know how to use their talents, strengths, and interests. According to them, these students are career-ready. The company would not have to apply a lot of effort to train these candidates. Many times students prepare a lot, but still, they are not able to crack an interview and get a job.

What are the reasons for rejection? What do the companies want in students? There are many questions which are in the mind of the students who are looking for a job.

Let us today unfold these dilemmas of students and know what does the company wants in a job seeker, and are you career ready?


There are many career options available in front of us. Many times students get confused on their journey and can not decide upon which career option is best for them. Start with Identify your skills, knowledge, strengths, and experience. Then navigate the different career options available to you and choose the one which aligns the best with your skill sets.


No one would like to hire a person whose ethics are questionable. Try to show dedicated work habits, punctuality. Every employer wants students who have some decent work qualities

  • to be able to produce efficient and productive work in less time
  • to be able to manage time
  • To have a professional work image
  • To demonstrate work ethics.


To have a skill is one thing, but to be able to lead is another. Every employer wants a college graduate who has the quality to lead people. To motivate them, to be able to upgrade himself as well as the people working under him. Being a leader is also a quality seen by many companies.


If you have an idea, but you don’t have the confidence to present the concept or communicate the ideas in front of others, then my friend, you are at a loss. Communication skills are the essential skills that are seen by any organization in a job seeker. Most of the talented students are not able to crack a job interview because of their poor communication skills.


In an office, you do not have to work alone, but you have to collaborate with many of the other staff members and your colleagues. So you need to have the quality of a good team worker. People skills, listening skills, convincing skills to be able to talk and manage people are some of the necessary attributes of a good team worker.


Companies also need job seekers to have an analytical mind. To be able to analyze things and make informed decisions. To solve problems, make decisions. These are some of the factors which are also seen by companies while hiring.


Having a technical mind would also be an added advantage when looking for a job. In this era of technology, when day by day, technology is ruling over us, so every company would love to hire an employee who along with an excellent work ethic, and other skills also pose a technical knowledge about things.

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