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Socialization skills play a significant role in determining the success of an individual. Building up these social skills are necessary from a very young age to obtain better results in the future. School is one of the very first social places that we encounter early in life. A child gets to test his/ her social skills in a school also get to experience an excellent social environment through the schools.

Not all students can easily adjust with the other students in the classroom. They might lack specific social skills and may face problems in making friends and interacting with other people. These social skills also substantially affect a child’s confidence, self-esteem and even their leadership skills. A confident person can achieve better results and are also able to create an impact on society.

Teachers play a significant part in enhancing the social skills of the students. The classroom is the best place where students can meet people with different lifestyles, cultures, background and ideologies. They get to learn about other people and their characteristic, but this can only happen if a student is good at socializing. A socially inept student may face many hardships in maintaining an excellent social stand, which may lead to specific problems in their life. Therefore, the school teachers have to observe these short-comings of their students and help them in overcoming them.

Here are a few ways in which the schools can ensure the social development of their child.

Look out for any source of discomfort

The social ability of a student may get affected due to several reasons. Any discomforting situation may significantly impact a child, leading to a feeling of withdrawal and isolation. It is a common observation that a person tries to maintain a distance from any situation that may cause him/ her mental trauma. Therefore, teachers in schools need to address such circumstances. Here are a few things that need to be discussed in the schooling environment:-

 Bullying:- This is one of the many causes of mental torture to the students. A child who is under the influence of bullying for more extended periods may develop an isolating nature. They stop interacting with others and start staying very low-key in their personal space. Hence, bullying needs to be confronted and seriously discouraged in schools.

 Threatening from the teachers:- Not everybody is of a robust mental stature and may react differently to a particular situation. If a student is not performing up to a teachers expectation, they do not have to be constantly threatened. Not everyone is born with the same ability, and such threats may also lead to added stress in the students. In some cases, they may even start avoiding schools, trying to make different excuses.

 Offer guidance

Guidance related to social skill development should be added to the schooling curriculum. Teachers should educate the students about the various social situations and also offer them the necessary knowledge in tackling these situations. These tips can be as simple as telling them how to keep eye contact or how to approach different people. If a child is hesitant in starting a conversation, then give them the tips as to how to break the ice and how to behave in a social environment.

Arrange social events

One way of encouraging social behaviour in the students is by introducing them to various activities. These activities include debates, music, dance, art and craft, elocution etc. They can also include yearbook, editorial and literature club and drama or acting. Teachers can also organize group projects, which help the students in interacting with each other to achieve a common goal. Group and teamwork are great ways of promoting social skills in the students.

Social skills in a boarding school

Social skills become even more relevant when a boarding school is in consideration. Staying away from your family members can be hard for a socially awkward and introverted student. Such students need to build excellent interactive skills to create a better friendly environment for themselves to survive in the atmosphere of a residential school. They need support and help of the friends, teacher and other faculties and to make friends they need to have the necessary and proper social skills. Life of students becomes tough when they lack these communicative skills. They might face many health issues, especially mental health issues if the absence of the companionship caused due to their lackluster social skills.

Therefore, if students lack such skills, then it is the prime duty of the teachers and the faculties to look after them and provide the necessary guidance. They need to be under constant observation and be aided in various social situations.

Boarding schools are a great help to the students in overcoming their social inabilities, and they can thrive better in life.

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