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  • Post published:Mar 16, 2020
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  • Post last modified:Feb 2, 2021

Situation Worldwide ( Global infections and deaths numbers overtaken those within China)

The death toll due to the novel coronavirus has crossed the 6000 mark. Total mortality reported worldwide has shot up to 6400. As per the reports published on the official website of the World Health Organization ( WHO), nine more countries have reported the cases of COVID-19 on Sunday. The number of deaths and infections outside China have surpassed those within China now. Global confirmed cases have risen to a staggering 87,000 while the cases inside China to date are 80,068 as per the stats provided by the Chinese National Health Commission. Outside China, total deaths reported have reached 3,241 while those in China are 3,208. China has somewhat contained the spread of the disease within the country.

The second most infected country other than China in Italy, with about 25,000 confirmed cases and deaths more than 1,800. The disease has already been declared as a pandemic, and government organizations have stepped up their measures to control it.

Situation in India

India has experienced a significant rise in the number of coronavirus cases within the past week. On Sunday the total confirmed cases reached up to 112, majorly reported from Maharashtra which has about 33 patients of COVID-19. Nineteen new cases identified contains 15 from Maharashtra, two from Kerala and one from Rajasthan and Karnataka. Out of the 112 cases reported in India, ten have recovered, and two have died ( a 76-year-old man from Karnataka and a 68-year-old woman from Delhi). Both the patients who passed away had pre-existing medical conditions. The central and state government has also shut down several schools and colleges, malls and cinemas and other public places.

Prevention and Precautionary Measures

The situation has created a panic among the masses, and a significant amount of misinformation is also prevalent. People are hoarding toilet papers, sanitizers, and masks, spreading false information and indulging in weird and corrupt practices. The situation is difficult, and people need to be alert and not anxious. Refer to the official website of the World Health Organization ( WHO) to get the correct information. Every country has also set up their help-line numbers, and people are advised to take information only from the trusted sources and restrain from spreading any misinformation.

Below are a few general guidelines and instructions released by the authorities:

  • For COVID-19 Patients with Mild Symptoms
  • If you discover any of the symptoms of the disease which include- dry cough and cold, fever, breathing problems and common flu-like symptoms, immediately contact your health care provider. Practice self-isolation and prevent going out to public places. Separate yourself from your family members and peers.
  • Before going to the doctor or a clinic, call ahead and acquire the necessary directions. By going out, you can increase the possibility of spreading the disease to other people. Go out only when you seek medical help in severe cases.
  • Wear a mask. Face masks are very important in this particular situation, especially for the ones who have been infected. Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing and carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Also, avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid sharing your belonging with other people. Even your food, drinks, utensils, towels, bedding should be separated. Clean all the surfaces with the highest susceptibility of public contact.
  • Monitor your symptoms regularly. Take constant medical advice and be dedicated to the treatment. COVID-19 is a curable disease, and one need not panic unnecessarily. If the situation is worse, you might get hospitalized and kept in an isolation ward.

Precautionary Measures for the General Public and Caregivers

Coronavirus Preventions
Coronavirus Preventions
    • If a family member is infected, make sure that you avoid any significant contact with the person. Please provide them with the essential requirements and groceries and also monitor the situation. Contact the health care provider if the situation goes out of hand.
    • Practice basic hygiene and wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer with at least 60 % alcohol content. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
    • Wear a disposable mask and gloves while attending to the patient. If you come in contact with the patient’s saliva, stool, vomit, urine, body fluids, blood, and sputum wash your hands and face and throw away the mask and glove.
    • Avoid public gatherings at all costs and prefer staying at home.
    • Separate your belongings with that of the patient and dispose of the masks and other items adequately concealed.
    • Stay away from any misinformation that is spreading around. COVID-19 is not just a common cold. It is an entirely new virus with no vaccine developed to date. Garlic, alcohol and other things will not cure the disease. Follow proper guidelines and practice basic hygiene.

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