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Top Boarding Schools In India With Beautiful Campus

School is the first place outside our home where we can learn and develop. A location where students are educated in a variety of ways, resulting in some of the most intelligent brains. In India, various educational institutes have existed for years, as well as fresh ones which have emerged to meet the country’s population increase. The nation’s wonders, however, include some of the top boarding schools, which are spaced out around the country and have had their long-standing histories. These Indian resident schools offer top-notch education, facilities, and entertainment, as well as some of the most breathtaking scenery.


Ecole Globale International Girls’ School

ecole globale


Ecole Globale has established itself as the premier girl’s residential school in Dehradun and India in this blooming era of female boarding schools. The vast and world-class site of the institution, situated in the lovely valley of Dehradun, exemplifies their efforts to provide an enhanced learning place for young ladies.


Ecole Globale International Girls’ School is one of the most prestigious girls’ schools in the world. Women residential school systems in Dehradun are frequently tasked with providing the greatest possible living conditions for pupils. The safety, healthcare centers, accommodation, and education that Ecole Globale offers to the girls are commendable. Educators should be commended for their unwavering commitment to their work. High achievers among the alumni have nothing but positive remarks about this institution.

St. Mary’s High School, Mount Abu

St. Mary's High School, Mount Abu

St. Mary’s High School, which is tucked between both the forest and the turmoil of urban life, is one of India’s best resident schools. The institution’s campus is regarded as being one of the greatest in the nation, boasting not only breathtaking scenery but also some of the greatest amenities available to a school. For its closeness to the Lower Kodhra Dam, the scenery becomes much more spectacular.


Lawrence School Lovedale, Ooty



Lawrence School Lovedale, located near Ooty, is among India’s premier boarding schools. The school is spread out across 750 acres of property and is bordered by a beautiful landscape and lush greenery. It is connected with CBSE and operates with the slogan of “nurturing every kid in a loving and instructive atmosphere.” The school has a large campus with a football pitch, basketball court, hockey ground, and a distinct cricket field. That has its very own Robotics lab as well.


Montfort School, Yercaud

Montfort School, Yercaud

Montfort School, in the little hill village of Yercaud, was founded in 1917 and is one of India’s greatest schools. The institution is a real elegance, surrounded by mountains and beautiful vegetation splendor, with views of peacocks and hummingbirds. The school is so gorgeous that it is regarded as a tourist attraction in addition to offering basic utilities. This is one of India’s premier residential schools, with graduates such as Nagesh Kukunoor and Shashi Tharoor.


Doon School, Dehradun


The Doon School, which is sprawled over 70 acres of property, is India’s finest elite boarding school and also boasts one of the most picturesque campuses. Every kid receives the finest possible learning and instruction at the school, which contributes to their overall development. It was founded in 1935 by Satish Ranjan Das, a relative of liberation hero Chittaranjan Das, and is today one of India’s premier institutions.


St. Paul’s, Darjeeling

St. Paul's, Darjeeling

Originally designed to educate the poor, this school today boasts a huge campus in which even kids from upper-class families study. St. Paul’s is primarily an Indian boarding school for boys, providing them with a comprehensive intellectual, spiritual, and education degree. The location is well-known for not just the information it provides, but also for its architecture. So, plan your domestic flights immediately to visit the school and have a comprehensive look at it for your kids.


St. Bede’s, Shimla

St Bedes College Shimla_Campus-View

St.Bede College is regarded as being one of India’s greatest residential schools, and its environment is ideal for teaching your children. It is one of the greatest boarding schools in India, offering not just excellent academics but also gorgeous scenery. The school, which is situated in Shimla and is encircled green beauties, makes studying more attractive.


Mayo College, Ajmer


Mayo College of Ajmer was founded in 1875 and covers a total area of 187 acres. This is one of India’s finest schools. The institution has a beautiful site with excellent amenities, along with a huge golf course and a polo field, as well as accessibility to sports such as archery, swimming, skating, tennis, boxing, and football. This is an independent residential school in Rajasthan that has produced some of the best brains in the state.

Heritage School, Talegaon


The historical school building, which is situated on the fringes of Pune, is constructed with modernist buildings. The institution has all of the necessary amenities to place it at the top of the list of India’s leading boarding schools. The school appears to be the ideal school to study because of its excellent curriculum and intriguing surroundings.

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