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You are currently viewing Craft ideas & fun things to do for children on days off
Craft ideas & fun things to do for children on days off

Craft ideas & fun things to do for children on days off

Currently, the world is under serious pandemic crisis as all schools, public places are closed and the government advised citizens to stay home and only go out if necessary so, not only it affects people financially but also mentally as not only adults but children are affected by it as not only their studies are affected by Covid but also they are not able to meet their school friends and feeling of boredom has started to increase among children. So to remove boredom parents have to take time for their children and plan fun and productive activities that make children engaged. 

We live in a time where parents can depend on media technology to make the kids engaged in things like watching tv, mobiles, laptops, etc. but these activities are not helpful for the kids as they can just watch it and not experience it by themselves. Neither is it productive and useful for children.

So here are some Craft ideas and Fun activities which parents can do for children on day’s off – 

1 – Playing  Traditional Games

Parents can take kids down in nostalgia lane with their own childhood games like

Kancha or Lakhoti, Tattoo, Antakshari, Carrom Board, snake and ladder as there was no play station, Xbox at that time so most people use these games to remove the boredom so teach kids more about these games how it’s played as these games are not harmful like online gaming which are so addicting in nature that child can sit and play for a long continuous hour without drinking water or eating food which can cause health problem and weak eyesight issue so it’s always better to teach your kids about traditional games as they are engaging but don’t cause any health problems and it also teaches kids more about parents childhood which makes child-parent connection strong & improves relationships.

2 – Make a Bird Nest and Feeder 

This is a great way to help our feathered friend by creating a hanging nest, feeder and also putting in a bowl of water. Birds will get attracted to it and after a few days will start living in the nest made by the children. This will help children to develop caring nature and give children the responsibility of feeding the birds and filling the water in their bowl. To create a bird’s nest and feeder parents can take the help of the internet and learn the DIY craft of making nests and also feeder. Parents should guide and let kids make the nest and feeder.

3 – Creates a Family Tree 

Most problems with kids are that they don’t know much about their family their ancestors, their relationships, history so to give a clear picture of family parents let children create a family tree with their help so they start by either adding family members on a chart or can even use a template on the computer. They can go back as many generations as they want to give specific detail about their family background. Children can add pictures if available or can simply write down their names and the connection with other family members by the end of the project kids will have a better understanding of their family ancestry. 

4 –  Create a LEGO City 

LEGO simply means bricks which are made up of colorful plastic building blocks that can be joined or combined together easily to make a tower, house, building, cars, character, etc. This is the most fun activity which kids love. Give the kids Lego blocks and let them build a city from scratch, though it’s a fun activity it also helps kids develop critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. Parents can help the kids on missions to build a city with its roads and important buildings.

5 -A Housebound Treasure Hunt

In this parents can create a map of the house and hide children toys or some other stuff around the house and give the maps to children and let them find the objects on their own parents can provide hints to children by giving them riddle cards related to a location just to make it more interesting. Children love this type of treasure hunt activities they feel like a part of a treasure hunt story.


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