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Mastering Critical Thinking Skill : Empower Your Mind

Critical thinking skill is very essential, It empowers individuals to analyze, evaluate, and solve complex problems. It plays a pivotal role in education and is highly valued in today’s rapidly changing world. Boarding schools in India have long recognized the significance of fostering critical thinking skills among their students. In this article, we will explore why critical thinking skill is important and how boarding schools in India actively cultivate this invaluable skill.

The Importance of Critical Thinking Skill

The Importance of Critical Thinking Skill

Critical thinking skill is more than just a buzzword; it is a fundamental skill that equips students with the ability to think independently, make informed decisions, and adapt to an ever-evolving global landscape. Here are some reasons why critical thinking is indispensable:

Problem Solving

Critical thinkers excel at identifying, analyzing, and solving problems. Whether it’s a mathematical equation, a scientific hypothesis, or a real-life issue, these individuals can break down complex challenges into manageable components.

Decision Making 

In an era where choices abound, making decisions can be daunting. Critical thinkers weigh the pros and cons, consider multiple perspectives, and choose the most rational course of action.

Effective Communication

Critical thinking skill enhances communication skills by enabling individuals to articulate their thoughts clearly and persuasively. They can present their ideas, defend their arguments, and engage in constructive debates.


Many of the world’s groundbreaking innovations have been the result of critical thinking. Innovators like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are renowned for their ability to think outside the box and challenge conventional wisdom.

Life-Long Learning

Critical thinkers are more inclined to seek out new knowledge and experiences. They are not satisfied with surface-level understanding but instead, delve deep into subjects to gain comprehensive insights.

Cultivating Critical Thinking skill at Boarding Schools

Cultivating Critical Thinking skill at Boarding Schools

Boarding schools in India are well-positioned to nurture critical thinking skill due to their immersive and holistic approach to education. Some ways they accomplish this:

Student focus 

Boarding schools typically maintain smaller class sizes, which allow teachers to engage more deeply with students. This personalized attention fosters meaningful discussions, encourages questions, and promotes critical thinking skill. 

Home-work hour is specially organized in the academic block of Ecole Globale in the evenings, to clarify queries that the students may have. The faculty ensures that they can make the most of this time by giving personal attention to each child.

Extracurricular Activities

Beyond academics, boarding schools offer a plethora of extracurricular activities. These activities, whether it’s debating, sports, or arts and culture, provide students with opportunities to explore diverse interests and perspectives, thereby enhancing their critical thinking skill. Learning different expressions of arts has always added value to individuals, who strive to go the extra mile at grasping new skills. 

Ecole Globale provides ample opportunities to let the girls showcase their creativity and stimulate their reasoning abilities. The aim has always been to empower the girls to embrace hindrances with new-found wisdom, freedom, agility and strength. Ecole Globale offers a variety of Clubs for Music, Dance, Pottery, Cookery and Poetry. 

Ecole Globale, the sports school in Dehradun, has always believed that more experiential learning happens in the arena of Sports than anywhere else. As an International School of high repute, we have always maintained top-notch facilities for building, maintaining, sustaining and growing sporting prowess among our girls. All sports disciplines are given equal importance and are played with great enthusiasm under the guidance of specialised coaches. The disciplines offered: Swimming, Shooting, Badminton, Basketball, Athletics, Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash, Martial Arts.

Critical Reading and Writing

Strong emphasis is placed on developing reading and writing skills. Students are encouraged to read widely, analyze texts, and construct coherent arguments in their writing assignments.

At Ecole Globale, we believe that learning does not just come from within the four walls of a classroom but also, through various literary activities. These activities aim at developing and honing the literary skills that are indispensable when it comes to the all-round development of the students.

Apart from the activities held within the school, students also take part in conferences and competitions hosted by other schools of repute which provide exposure to diverse elements that aid in building their overall well-being. The language teachers at Ecole strive hard to build good linguistic skills among the students, in the first, second and third languages.

Some of the activities that our students engage in are:

  • Dehradun Youth Summit: The summit features workshops and plenaries led by student leaders and experts who inspire and share their experiences& ideas on how to transform national issues into a force for positive change. This helps the students to enhance their thought processes and view various issues in a new dimension.


  • Model United Nations: Every year, our students also take part in the Doon School Model United Nations (DSMUN), one of the most prestigious MUNs held in India. Students engage in debates and discussions regarding current world issues. In addition to the proficiency skills, students develop their out-of-the-box thinking.


  • Spell Bee: Aimed at improving the grasp of the English language, the competition involves students learning the spellings and the proper usage in sentences. 


  • In-house Competitions: Debates, elocution, extempore and many more help not just in boosting the students’ command of the language but also, in improving their rationale and personality as a whole. One of the highlights among many such competitions held recently was the ‘Hindi Saptah’, a week that was dedicated to promoting the use of Hindi. 


Problem-Based Learning

Boarding schools incorporate problem-based learning approaches, where students work collaboratively to solve real-world problems. This hands-on approach encourages critical thinking skill and practical application of knowledge. In recent times, Ecoliers have taken significant initiatives in performing upliftment activities in their vicinity and beyond. They carry out awareness drives on menstrual hygiene, sanitation, women empowerment, and environmental plastic ban; and conduct regular visits to orphanages and underprivileged care centres.

The school makes it a point to inculcate empathy and the spirit of social service through these drives as it is more important to take part in certain activities rather than only reading about them. We believe that it is through experiencing the joy of giving, that an individual learns how to do their part for the community.

Encouraging Questioning

Teachers in boarding schools encourage students to ask questions and challenge assumptions. This not only stimulates critical thinking skill but also creates a classroom environment that values curiosity and intellectual exploration.

Diversity and Inclusion

Many boarding schools in India have a diverse student body, fostering an environment where students are exposed to a variety of perspectives and ideas. This diversity promotes critical thinking skill by encouraging students to consider different viewpoints. In the pursuit of helping our students develop into global citizens, one primary program we conduct regularly is the student exchange. The Ecole Globale is an active part of the Round Square International Service (RSIS) which includes students from some of the world’s most prestigious and renowned institutes.

Through this program, not only are our students often sent abroad to participate but also sometimes our students play host to many students who visit from different countries. With students and faculty from multiple diversities, students are encouraged to start networking from a young age and build contacts that help them forge lifelong friendships and expand their career perspectives to a global level.

Critical thinking skill is an indispensable skill that empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of the modern world effectively. Boarding schools in India recognize its importance and actively cultivate this skill through personalized instruction, diverse extracurricular activities, and a commitment to intellectual growth. By prioritizing critical thinking skill , boarding schools prepare students not only for academic success but also for a lifetime of informed decision-making and innovation.


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