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Top Girls Boarding Schools Dehradun
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Girls boarding school in india

Girls boarding school in India

On 22th March, World Water Day, the Ecolites set off to a nearby village school, Shreya Shiksha Niketan in Horrawala, to spread awareness on water conservation. This was done through a Nukkad Natak presented by the students. Mrs. Nidhi Pathak trained the students for it. At 11 o’clock, the energetic students set off on their campaign, shouting out slogans, ‘Jal Hi Jeevan Hai, Jeevan hi jal hai'(water is life, life is water), as they walked the kilometer to the little village school. The enthusiastic children of the school walked along with the Ecolites and so did some curious elders of the village. We soon came to a junction of roads where the
girls began their performance. The audience stood casually around the performers. We could see them eagerly trying to catch on to every word over the sound of passing
vehicles. Posters prepared by the Ecolites were distributed to the audience; these were held up as they watched the performance. This made them feel a part of the campaign. The message of the play,’Neela Sona’ (Blue Gold), was loud and clear.

The water that we take for granted today will be a rare commodity in the future. The students wanted the villagers to realize that a time will come when people will be at war for water. Although man is aware of this inevitable truth, we take water for granted. Let us not wait for this dreaded day, let us wake up and work towards this cause. Each one of us must play our part in conserving water. Our message to all is – By conserving water we conserve life.It was a melodious afternoon on the 26th of March (a day before Holi). Ecolites celebrated the day with music. Our guests for the afternoon were Mr. A.K. Das, the principal of the Asian school along with a few Asianites.We had various performances by the students such as a Bengali song, phagun legeche bone bone sung by Megha and phagan phoramto aayo , a Gujarati song sung by Riddhi . A very energetic performance by the students of class 8 Kaiyo Re Mangetar and raag Malhar followed.

The finale was a soulful rendition of Raag Maru Bihag by Mrs Pooja Pattar. Since it
was her last performance in Ecole, we did not let her go so easily. On the request of
Mr. Das, she sang a Thumri- Lagi Karejava Katar. This was indeed a beautiful beginning for the festival of Holi!.

Sakshi Lakhotia

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