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  • Post published:Jan 16, 2020
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How harsh behaviour covers the pain of troubled teens

Bad behaviour is a way of emitting feelings from within or problems including freight, sorrow, immense pain or solitude. Teenagers are pretty well known for how bad they behave with others to express their feelings rather than conveying it straightforwardly. A common word “Acted out”, once used by Freud, is generally uttered by mental health professionals to explain this very tendency of teenagers to behave badly with their fellow inmates.

The concept of “Acting out” and getting through difficulties

It has been mostly observed that the teens won’t be vocal about their thoughts and opinions even if they are told to do so. They rather choose to be alienated by society, spend time in isolation. The first and foremost motto should be letting them being vocal about the problems they are facing in the current situation, rather than acting it out in any physical manner.

Providing teens with an outlet to express themselves instead of pushing themselves towards the path of pain and misery is the best way to help them cope with unfavorable situations.


Adarsh, a 15-year-old guy, often being sarcastic to his teachers while responding, whenever he is asked to perform a certain task, which of course leaves them cursing at a point. He has been indulged in this behavioural action, ever since he broke up with his lady love. Deep inside the heart, he is depressed and full of pain, but outside he would pretend to be rock hard, not caring about what has happened to him and smoothly move on. Adarsh isn’t aware about the fact that his changing behaviour is actually affecting his professional life and a drastic change in his attitude.

How “Acting out” can be eliminated

Teenagers often face an emotional breakdown in their life and parents should strongly intervene whenever they sense something wrong with them. They should interact freely with their children, giving them a sense of strength and support. They should effectively try to know the reason why they are hurting themselves, and that can be a stepping stone towards their better life ahead.

Whatever might upset them, it is the lookout of parents and near and dear ones, to explore the problems in a neutral way. The root of the issue needs to be known in order to find a constructive solution, that connects to the world and creates a positive effect, disabling them from acting out.

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