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  • Post published:Feb 8, 2020
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Psychological Impacts Of The Peer Pressure And Exam Stress

Failures never define you as a person. Failures are just an indication of a failed strategy or an effort. Failures are meant to be thought-provoking and lesson providing. They do not imply the end of your capabilities. Today, students are subjected to extreme peer pressure when it comes to scoring and performing well in the examinations or tests. Low scores are treated as a failure and doomed upon the student as a very negative aspect. With the growing competition, the expectations of the parents and society are also on hype. This is not at all an excellent portrayal of the well-functioning community.

Children in this new age are susceptible to massive amounts of parental and peer pressure. As the top grades by the students are getting higher by the day, the demand for the students is also increasing drastically. The importance is now only provided to a perfect score, and the actual character enhancement is ignored in this stride. Such implications have led to a rise in the deterioration of the mental health of the students.

Larger Picture

In many Asian countries like India, China, etc. the problem is even more severe. With an enormous population, the competition level in such countries is exceptional and implausible. Demand is way higher than the supply, so even a low skilled job encounters vast amounts of applications. Suicide rates in such countries are high, and therefore a need for a more productive and helpful system is in demand.

The situation has become so radical that even a highly skilled and valuable engineering degree has obtained saturation in India. Today a staggering percentage, about 80-90%, of the population in India is affected by some form of a mental health issue. This issue is not even recognized as a severe concern in the country. Even in the World Happiness Index, India ranks among the lowest nations at a position of 141st. All these matters make the situation worse for the students and the upcoming generations.

Negative Impacts

Some of the drastic and degrading effects of peer pressure among the students are summarised as follows:-

  • A rise in the cases of depression and other mental health issues have bloomed among the students. The students experience tremendous pressure from their parents, Indian schools, relatives, and even society to perform well in the exams.
  • They may indulge in some nefarious acts to keep up with societal expectations. They may cheat or may practice some other illegal actions to secure good marks.
  • In extreme cases, students may also resort to self-harm.
  • Failures affect them very negatively, and they might lose hope in everything around them. They may also experience a loss of appetite leading to many physical health complications and issues.

Need Of the Hour

A sound mind, a healthy body and a peaceful atmosphere are considered to be the ultimate form of wealth that an individual can acquire. Parents primarily need to understand this. Here are a few tips that the parents can follow to ensure a healthy mental and spiritual health of their wards:-

A. Never enforce your demands or wilfulness on your children. Encourage them to do their best and ensure that your love and support will always be in their favor. With such a positive outlook students can perform with their maximum capabilities and accomplish phenomenal results.

b.Failure in one particular subject doesn’t decide the collapse of a life. Understand that not everyone is made to be perfect in everything. Every individual carries a different set of talents, intellect, and capabilities. Help your ward find their area of interest and expertise. In this way, you will be able to ensure a happier and stress-free life for your child.

c.Teach your child to explore various options of sustaining life as a successful individual. Introduce them to different fields of education. Do not impose your dreams and desires upon them. There is also a great life outside being a doctor, engineer or an IAS. Successful people perform well and are respected and looked upon in every form of profession. They possess the expertise and professionalism that pertain to that particular genre. Do not de-value any form of professional work in front of your child.

d. Introduce them to various extra-curricular activities and hobbies. Like the popular ancient belief states, “All work and no play, made Jack, a dull boy”, bookish knowledge is not sufficient to form a bright and proficient personality. Teach them the values of life and also teach them about the importance of tasks in the various walks of life.

e.Mediation, exercises, yoga, and music, are some of the activities that substantially contribute to the development of a healthy mind. Involve in such activities along with your ward to promote a more peaceful mind structure.

Your child does not have to be a construct of societal standards and implications. They are the individuals who carry the ability to think and make decisions as per their likings. Please support them and guide them, but do not pressurize them.

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