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Value for Money: Quality education at Indian Boarding Schools

Boarding school is where students not only come to enhance academically but also to build their personalities. Teachers and staff are responsible for motivating, engaging, and encouraging students, acting as their guardians in the absence of parents.

Apart from providing students quality education at Indian Boarding Schools with in-depth academic knowledge, residential schools also focus on children’s all-round development including communication skills, fitness, problem-solving, decision-making, and overall intellectual abilities.


Value for money: Quality education at Indian Boarding Schools


What defines Value for money in boarding schools in India

Essential factors of value for money at boarding schools are:-

  • Academics 
  • Care
  • Career
  • Community
  • Learning Support
  • Music & arts, Sports extracurricular activities
  • Infrastructure. 

Ecole Globale, among the top girls’ boarding schools in Dehradun with a vision of empowering girls to discover their intellectual, creative, and physical potential to embrace the 21st century and the mission to create an environment that is conducive to learning to develop skills and honing the innate talents of our students, by making innovative use of technological tools to support independent, learning inside the classroom and beyond the bounds of the four walls amidst its 40 acres lush green campus in the Dehradun valley.

Ecole Globale realizes the challenges of 21st-century education and the rising tussle between talented, groomed peers. This is the age of EQ coupled with IQ, and the school ensures to nurture the girls to conduct themselves with confidence and grace, becoming individuals with a good conscience and a high emotional quotient (EQ).

In terms of educational boards offered, the school gives the option to the students to choose between Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and Cambridge International Education (CIE), which are choices given keeping in mind their previous diverse educational background and also their future academic goals and provide quality education at Indian Boarding Schools.


Cultural enhancement

Quality education at Indian Boarding Schools

Learning different expressions of arts has always added value to individuals, who strive to go the extra mile at grasping new skills. The School provides ample opportunities to let the girls showcase their creativity and stimulate their reasoning abilities. 

To let the creative juices flow, an equal emphasis has always been given to performing arts, wherein the girls own the stage and the canvas in their stride. The aim has always been to empower the girls to embrace hindrances with new-found wisdom, freedom, agility, and strength and threrby providing quality education at Indian Boarding Schools.


Guidance & care

Quality education at Indian Boarding Schools

Ecole Globale frequently organizes workshops and guest lectures. This is a unique chance since girls tend to find their role models through such interactions and learn from the experiences of others. The facility has highly experienced, well-qualified teaching faculty and staff, offering individual attention to all students and providing Quality education at Indian Boarding Schools.

This, in turn, creates a healthy working environment that fosters mutual understanding between students and their teachers.

Under the supervision of the Dean of Pastoral Care, we have highly trained House Mothers Mentors, Guardians, ayahs, and lady guards who stay on the premises and cater to the needs of the girls round-the-clock.  

Designed to provide every child with the comfort of home, the hostel is a spacious sunlit space with carefully planned sleeping and recreational arrangements.

Boarding schools make students more self-dependent by encouraging them to carry out everyday chores, manage academic assignments, maintain their monthly budget, and monitor eating habits on their own with self-reliance.

The Ecole Globale experience teaches students various aspects of their lives, such as self-management, time management, organization, and balancing academics, co-curriculars, and extra-curriculars with ease. The support staff, domestic staff, housekeeping, and other elements of the campus contribute in their unique ways towards the betterment of the life of our girls at Ecole.

This has a value-based impact on the students and they learn the values of gratitude, patience, perseverance, and hard work. This imparts a sense of responsibility in them, making children more mature and mindful by providing  quality education at Indian Boarding Schools

To support the students round the clock, in their physical well-being, the School Infirmary conducts periodic dental, skin, and hygiene checks. The different dimensions of academics are taught during the academic time, and students get some rest time afterward to refresh themselves. The messing facilities are one of the best among the top boarding schools and international schools across India, where the meals are well-planned.


The school boasts high-tech classrooms in the scenic 40-acre lush green campus amidst the hills of the Dehradun Valley, secure with 24*7 CCTV and guard surveillance.

The school maintains a fully functional Rifle Shooting Range. There are also separate and well-equipped courts for Squash, Basketball and Tennis. Ecole Globale also has an Olympic size pool, for learning swimming the way champions do. It is due to these facilities and our skilled coaches that the School always manages to bag a humongous number of medals in every sports tournament.

The school also has Volleyball, Table Tennis, and Football facilities, which again are of the highest quality with well-trained coaches and fully functional equipment. All sports disciplines are given equal importance and are played with great enthusiasm under the guidance of specialized coaches and thereby providing quality education at Indian Boarding Schools. 


Network Building

Quality education at Indian Boarding Schools

Boarding schools instill a greater sense of social skills in students, helping them to build a strong network which is essential in the 21st century. In addition to what a child can learn within the campus, the boarders need to step out of the campus and experience life with fellow Ecoliers, while they are away from home.

For an enriching experience of its sort, Ecole Globale is happy to organize field trips, educational trips, or excursions and facilitate participation in external events like competitions with other international schools of repute in India. 

The different career fairs and visits of campus ambassadors organized at Ecole Globale give a chance to students to interact with admission teams of their prospective universities on a personal level. 

Students not only study but also participate in various sports and learn extra-curricular activities along with their close friends right on the campus. This sharpens their communication skills, interpersonal skills, persuasion skills, and conflict resolution by providing quality education at Indian Boarding Schools. The bonds established by students in residential schools are cherished by them throughout their lives.


Growth with globalized diversity

Quality education at Indian Boarding Schools

Ecole Globale believes in the amalgamation of distinct cultures and backgrounds with a diverse student-teacher community, coming from national and international backgrounds. It generates effective communication and collaboration skills in children. Students can better appreciate diverse perspectives.

In the pursuit of helping our students develop into global citizens, one primary program we conduct regularly is the student exchange. The Ecole Globale is an active part of the Round Square International Service (RSIS) which includes students from some of the world’s most prestigious and renowned institutes.

Through this program, not only are our students often sent abroad to participate but also sometimes our students play host to many students who visit from different countries. With students and faculty from multiple diversities, students are encouraged to start networking from a young age and build contacts that help them forge lifelong friendships and expand their career prospects to a global level by providing quality education at Indian Boarding Schools.

Ecole Globale understands how important it is for a child to come home to a space that is warm, inviting, and comforting. That’s why, as a boarding school, one of the core working areas is the residential facilities that create a home away from home.

Designed to provide every child with the comfort of home, the hostel is a spacious, top architectural designed sunlit space with carefully planned sleeping and recreational arrangements and provide quality education at Indian Boarding Schools.


Living in a residential school is like residing in a community that values acceptance and mutual understanding. Boarders grow into responsible adults, with traits of independence, self-reliance, and discipline being naturally ingrained into them.

The peaceful ambiance of the Ecole Globale campus is an ideal place for receiving education and developing girls in the tender years of their lives. With a fee range of 8,00,000-8,50,000, Ecole Globale fulfills standards of Value for money in a girls’ boarding school and fulfilling quality education at Indian Boarding Schools standards.

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