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How To Identify Signs Of Social Anxiety In Students And Help Them

We are all unique. Who we are is compared to those around us. We all go through stages in life when we want to be like everyone else or at least how we perceive them to be. This emotion of establishing yourself as an epitome of perfection is something that gives us a phobia. Around us, people try to act differently or speak a lot less. This is because we fear getting misjudged or get trolled. We are more conserved about what people think of us, and this becomes our measure to mark our performance. A wise man once said, “you cannot judge a fish on his capability to climb a tree.” This is the most common mistake we make and makes us feel inferior and uncomfortable, which leads to social fear, social phobia, and ultimately social anxiety


What Causes Social Anxiety?

You must understand that you cannot please the entire world, its people, and societies. Therefore try to do things that make you happy and satisfied. The basic formula for confidence is the ability to accept yourself along with all the inferiorities as well as goodness. The way you treat yourself is the same way people around you will. To make yourself acceptable to society, you must accept yourself with your flaws and cherish them. Mistakes are part of human tendency, no one is made perfect, but it is us who can decide the path to walk in.


What Is Exactly Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is the social fear where a person tries to escape from the surroundings or does not attempt to give any statement publically. It is an extreme shyness when a person does not wish to talk to people or meet new people and avoid visiting social gatherings and parties. They are most likely to be seen alone, as they feel anxiety. They do not have any specific cause for this fear, and they might know the same but are unable to fight it through within. They froze in public. This social anxiety ruins your social life and raises social stigma. 


Social Anxiety In Teenagers

A lot of young teenagers are witnessed to have social anxiety as there is no specific age for its occurrence. Therefore, every parent, every teacher, every older sibling should keep an eye on children and try to observe the symptoms so that the anxiety can be healed quickly. 

The person suffering from anxiety can seem blushing, excessively sweating, trembling, shaking, dizzy, frozen body, etc. The person takes intense pressure over every irrelevant minor social situation. They feel a sense of embarrassment and thus cut themselves entirely from every social activity now and then. Their personal, emotional as well as professional is all messed up due to being the least socially active. The crowd traumatizes them, they feel humiliated while contacting the people, and this way, they make them aloof.


They avoid raising doubts and questions, are unable to answer questions, do not eat in public, shop less, and even do not feel comfortable talking through phones. At some extreme position of anxiety, the person might avoid any kind of physical interaction with their family and remain in his senses and imagination. Social anxiety or fear is caused when a person has experienced a harrowing past that resulted in such a phobia. It is possible that in the past, a person has a rough element of childhood where one might have faced group bullies, torchers, or any kind of sexual abuse, and this has made trusting people difficult for the person. Sometimes even family crises or conflicts are also the cause for the same, which flashes whenever a person tries to create public contacts.


How To Help People With Social Anxiety

To cure such anxiety, one must meet a counselor or psychiatrist. This not a mental disorder but holding the anxiety for a longer duration of time can cause a mental illness. The fight for the process is difficult, but you must step out from your comfort zone and stand against the winds of anxiety to lead a normal life like everyone else. Attend different social group groups, participate in various therapies, avoid intake of addictive substances like caffeine or alcohol, get a good amount of sound sleep, and practice yoga and meditation. If you find any person who is willingly fighting social anxiety help, or if you see any person near you who is a victim of social anxiety, do not avoid making contact with their help. Maybe it is possible that you can heal a person and help them fight social anxiety. 


Also, you may be able to save a life as, in most cases, a person receives suicidal thoughts during the phase of social anxiety and depression. Due to anxiety, you might see a person behaving oddly at first when you will try to construct a bond. There might be symptoms of social stigma and nervous breakdown, and you have to help them fight through it. Breathing exercises, yoga techniques, and meditation help a lot to calm nerves and relaxes your muscles. 


With proper medication, you can observe a change in the persona of the person. If everything is practiced well as instructed by the health care service provider, the person can surely be cured, but any kind of aggressive behavior or strictness might deploy your patient’s progress. Being a caretaker, you must be extremely loving, caring, and polite with the patient.


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