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You are currently viewing Tokyo Olympics 2021: Indian Women’s Hockey Team Defeated Australia in the Quarter Finals
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  • Post published:Aug 30, 2021
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Tokyo Olympics 2021: Indian Women’s Hockey Team Defeated Australia in the Quarter Finals

After making their first-ever Olympic Semi-Final on Monday, the Indian Women’s Hockey Team made headlines. Throughout the Tokyo Olympics’ Quarter-Final match, the Indian players performed all their guts out and went toe-to-toe with World Number 2 Australia, defeating them 1-0 at the Oi Hockey Stadium. Gurjit Kaur (22′) was the solitary goal scorer for the Indian side, who excelled in both creative and defensive positioning. On Wednesday, August 4, 2021, the Indian team will meet World Number 5 Argentina in Semi-Final. Earlier afternoon, Argentina overcame Germany 3-0 in the Quarter-Final encounter.

In the first few minutes of the game, Australia had the majority of the ball control and generated an opportunity, but Indian goalkeeper Savita controlled the ball out of the goal. The Indian squad came close to scoring minutes later; however still just cannot hit the ball in the net. The Indians kept putting so much pressure on the Australians. Vandana Katariya produced a wonderful pass to Rani in the circle in the ninth minute, but the latter was unable to touch the ball into the goal. In the latter minutes of the first quarter, Australia made a couple of circle penetrations but just couldn’t discover an opportunity to escape the tie.

In the first minutes into the second quarter, the two sides went at it head-to-head. In the sixth minute of that same second quarter, Australia completed a circle penetration and received a Penalty Corner. The Indian defence squad, on the other hand, did an outstanding job of keeping the Australians at bay. India then attempted a circle penetration and was awarded a Penalty Corner.

Gurjit Kaur (22′) completed the drag-flick and sent the ball in the back of the net to give India a 1-0 lead. Following that, Australia applied considerable pressure to India’s goal, but the Indian defender stayed firm and started fighting back for everything the Australians had thrown at them. Salima Tete performed a circle penetration and then got a shot in the 11th minute of the second quarter; however, she swung the ball out over goal. The Indians stayed focused on the Australians even as team members headed into the halftime break with India ahead 1-0.

In the fourth quarter, Australia maintained putting pressure on the Indians, but the Indian defence kept deflecting the ball away from the goal. Australia got numerous Penalty Corners in the seventh minute of the fourth quarter, but the Indian defence made two outstanding stops to keep them in ahead. The Australians continued to press forward, completing circle penetrations, but they have been unable to break through the Indian’s defensive.

With only three minutes remaining, the Australians were awarded a Penalty Corner. Monika quietly pushed the ball away from the goal as the Australians took the shot. Soon after, Australia was awarded another Penalty Corner and came dangerously near to scoring, but the Indians kept their cool and diverted the ball away. In the final few minutes, the Indians maintained the majority of ball control, ensuring their berth in the Semi-finals.

On August 4, 2021, the Indian Women’s Hockey Team would face Argentina in the Tokyo Olympics Semi-Final.

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