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The Indian men’s hockey team made record by winning an Olympic medal for the first time in 41 years, defeating Germany 5-4 to take bronze there at Tokyo Olympics. PM Narendra Modi complimented India’s men’s hockey team after their bronze medal achievement in the Olympics.

“Historic! Every Indian’s memory will indeed be engraved on this day. Congratulations on winning bronze to our Men’s Hockey Team. You certainly captivated the nation’s heart, particularly that of the youth, with their achievement. The hockey squad in India is a source of pride for us. A field hockey sticks as well as a field hockey ball “PM Narendra Modi sent out a tweet.

The Indians, headed with Manpreet Singh as well as managed by Australian Graham Reid, celebrated the momentous occasion with smiles and hugs on the pitch.

“Today, the waiting time is over because India defeated Germany to achieve Hockey Men’s Olympic Bronze medal at #Tokyo2020. India is now in a full celebratory mood! Huge congrats to our Hockey players!! #Cheer4India,” Kirem Rijiju tweeted.

Despite falling behind 1-3 start of the second quarter, India rallied well with backing of Hardik Singh and Harmanpreet Singh to tie the game at 3-3 shortly prior to actually halftime. The eight-time Olympic gold medalists increased the pressure early in the third quarter, scoring taking two quick goals from Rupinder Pal Singh and Simranjeet Singh to take a 5-4 lead.

Having got one ahead in the last quarter, Germany was unable to turn the whole thing over, much to the pleasure of Manpreet Singh’s team.

Belgium qualified for the final thanks to a hat-trick from Alexander Hendrickx (19′, 49′, 53′) and goals from Loick Luyaert (2′) and John-John Dohmen (60′).

Harmanpreet Singh (7′) and Mandeep Singh (9′) made the goals for India. India’s quest for a medal, on the other hand, has been achieved on Thursday as they played for the bronze medal play-off match.

Australia defeated Germany 3-1 in an another semifinal to advance to the final including its Tokyo Olympics. As little more than an outcome, India has faught against in the giant sports game for third place against Germany.

The eight-time Olympic gold medalists, who have suffered a sad slump over the last four decades, have made their recent resurgence matter in the best way imaginable by winning an Olympic medal.

Simranjeet Singh (17th and 34th minutes) scored a hat trick, whereas Hardik Singh (27th), Harmanpreet Singh (29th), then Rupinder Pal Singh (31st) scored for India. Timur Oruz (2nd), Niklas Wellen (24th), Benedikt Furk (25th), and Lukas Windfeder (2nd) scored for Germany (48th).

The Indians, focused on winning a medal, staged among the most remarkable victories with in history of football, rallying from such a two-goal deficit to win the game. It’s indeed India’s third hockey bronze medal throughout the span of the Olympics. The latter two came in 1968 Mexico City as well as the 1972 Munich Games.

The men’s and women’s hockey squads’ participation with in Olympics semi-finals has become very impressive. Now, we examine the stunning success underlying India’s return to hockey after such a four-decade hiatus.

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