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House rules for every tween

House rules for every tween

Every tween should know about the house rules very clearly. Parents should make a list of rules and post them on a family community board or on the refrigerator or write it in the form of a contract that should be signed by your tween. These rules emphasize what is important both at home and outside, and should be followed by all. Although schools in India teach students to follow important rules and create value in life. However, parents are equally responsible to make sure their child is moving on the correct path.


Given below is a list of rules which you’ll like your family to follow:

Keep Your Hands and Feet to Yourself

This house rule is very important to help control your child’s behavior and make him learn how to keep his hands and feet to himself. And if he tries to hit or kick his sibling, then you need to stop this behavior by following the consequences associated. Also, tween should be taught other ways to deal with his frustrations, disappointments and anger-related issues. 


No Cursing

Tweens learn bad words from school, playground, and television or from anywhere else and they might utter a few words every now and then. If this happens, remind your tween about the rule that cursing is neither allowed at home nor anywhere else. It is also important to make them realize how cursing creates their negative image in other’s minds.


No Talking Back

Eliminating back talk completely isn’t possible, but parents can minimize it. Preteens challenge their parents by slamming doors, rolling their eyes or by talking back. Tell them that talking back is not a good habit and is very disrespectful. By responding in a calm manner to your tween, you can minimize backtalk. Do not start an argument as it will only add fuel to the fire instead tell him how you expect him to be civil or ask your tween to take few minutes in the room to calm down or say that,” pull yourself together to talk about this again”. Then leave the room for some time.  


Clean-Up After Yourself

The rule says,” If you make the mess, it’s yours”. Be clear to your tween about this rule that he has to clear his plate after dinner, leave the bathroom clean, and make his bed every day. This will make your child more responsible and independent and also will be a great help to you in clean-up. 


Do Your Chores

To make your child responsible to follow the house rules and to build his/her self-esteem, it’s important to assign household chores. Promise certain privileges to your tween on completion of chores. If your preteens get bored with their chores, rotate them. Also, stick to the consequences if not completed. 


Tell the Truth

The most important of all the house rules is telling the truth. Tell your child about your trust in him/her and also about the importance of being truthful to each other. If you find your child lying to you, find the ways in which you can encourage him/her to rethink the answer by giving another chance. Always acknowledge the truth told by your tween no matter how bitter it is. 


Help Younger Siblings

Another house rule your tween needs to learn is helping younger siblings. It should be the part of their responsibility to take care of them by helping them in their homework, playing with them, teaching them simple tasks like tying up the laces. This will keep them when you are busy with other household chores.


Do Your Homework

Completing homework on time without creating a last-minute rush is another rule to be followed. They should know that playing with friends, watching television and participation in sports activities is possible only if this rule is monitored regularly and implemented strickly in the house rules list.


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