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  • Post published:May 21, 2021
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How Can Parents Help Their Tween To Develop Friendships In School

No human being on this planet can imagine a life without friendships and bonding. Other than the family, we need external support of the people who share similar thought process us. Friends are such people. When we feel lonely, sad, distant from society, our friends help us get through the hard times.

There are no conditions and boundaries in a relationship like friendship. One can be their real self around his/ her friends. In school- life, associations play a significant role. Building friendships among the students is not only the duty of the school; parents all need to participate in this. Parents and schools are equally responsible for developing communication skills in children and helping them establish relationships. There are numerous ways in which you can aid your kid in forming friendships. Students need proper guidance and instructions from their elders. 

Here are some fantastic techniques to assist your kid and guide them to cope with tricky social situations and build long-lasting and trustworthy friendships. The ultimate goal is to help them be complacent in their personality and effectively communicate with their peers in society. 

Encourage Healthy Friendships

Make time for your teen and talk to them about human personality and relationships. Suggest tips about finding the characteristics of a kind and honest friend. Make sure that the child can differentiate between snitching and gossiping. Help them to recognize people and their intentions.

A teenager usually has this assumption that being a part of a popular friend group will make them more recognizable and acceptable. Tell your kids that the outwards look and pretense are short-lived and irrelevant. To make lasting bonds, one needs to recognize the personality and mindset of a person. One can only be happy with a person whose thoughts and perception syncs with us and who make us laugh. Hence, build connections and do not blindly follow popular belief. Fame is an integral part of high school, but if your child is knowledgeable under proper guidance, they will not face any problems. 

Assist your teenager to foster their connections with friends by inviting them to family activities. Arrange a movie night, sleepovers, or hang out at a restaurant. There are so many activities that students can do together to form high bonds.  

Help Her Create Friends

Teens sometimes face trouble approaching other students. This problem in communication can hamper their ability to create friendships. Be the ice-breaker and help your children initiate the conversations. Make them play a fun game or arrange a party and invite all your kid’s classmates. 

Appearance and behavior also matter in the process. You’re your teen understands that his/ her attitude perception can affect the approach of people towards them. If they are rude, they will hurt someone and may turn their potential friendships away. When you see a person for the first time, their get-up and look helps in determining your approach towards them. 

Don’t Stress Over Popularity

Your kid does not need to worry about being popular in school to have a stand-in society. Such a toxic environment and perception can significantly affect the mental stature of the mind. Don’t let culture dictate the behavior or preferences of your child. Shield your child from such negative influences. 

Keep Them Active

If your child is dormant and does not make any efforts, he/ she will face problems in making friends. Hence, encourage your child to be involved and active in several activities. Tell them to participate in events. This will naturally enhance their interaction, and they will be able to keep up with society. 

Encourage Diversity

Teach your child about different cultural backgrounds and traditions. Just because your child belongs to a particular section of the society does not imply that he/ she should neglect other people. Ensure that your child respects all the people and can establish a good understanding with other groups. 

Expect Drama

Friendships or any relationships are not always smooth sail. Students sometimes go through a lot of drama with their friends. Fights and conflicts are frequent, but the parents should guide their resolution. Students should be able to establish a good relationship with their peers and reconcile with their friends if anything goes wrong. Help them understand each other’s points of view and perceptions. 

Be A Good Listener

Listen to your kid’s concerns and encourage them to share their problems with you. Ask them about their everyday events and their incidents with other people. Be attentive to them. 

Be The Mediator

If the children are not able to handle a particular situation, act as a mediator, and intervene in the case. Help them reconcile the matter. Children are not always in the best position to make thoughtful decisions. Hence, you need to provide them proper guidance.  

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