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How Parents And Students Can Deal With The Lockdown And Convert It To Their Benefit

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a majority of the world to go into lockdown. The disease is contagious, and because of its rapid spread and undiscovered cure has led the government to implement some severe measures.

The lockdown has trapped numerous people inside their homes. Schools, malls, gyms, theatres and all the other public places have been shut down; the companies have resorted to working from the home methodology. Amidst this, parents with children have had a significant impact. All the schools are shut down, and only a few of them are offering online classes to the students. Children can get bored quickly in one place and may not feel complacent with the idea of being stuck inside the homes. Parents may face problems in managing the kids and their work simultaneously. While this time is certainly a testing one, a positive attitude can make us proficiently sail through this lockdown phase. Here are a few guidelines laid by the government for the people:-

  • Practice social distancing as the virus is contagious and can also spread through the air. The virus has infected numerous people all around the world, and the numbers are increasing every day. The best way to control the virus spread is to practice social distancing.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer with more than 60% alcohol content. Our hands are the primary source of introducing the virus into our body. Also avoid touching your face, eyes, mouth or nose.
  • Practice self-quarantine and prevent from leaving your homes at all costs. The government has implemented the lockdown to curb the pandemic, and such measures are necessary for the well-being of society.


Initially, in various countries, the lockdown was not taken seriously, and therefore the situation got worse. Italy is the worst-hit country after China, and now the people have seemed to learn a lesson.

But sometimes children are not able to comprehend the severity of the situation. In their innocent minds, they feel sad for not being ready to go outside their homes, and they feel trapped. Hence, as a parent, they must guide the children and help them go through this time with a positive mindset.

So how can a child remain productive during this phase? How can parents help their children to make the best use of this time? Here are a few ways which can aid the parents to establish the best time-management practices during a lockdown:-


1) Make Your Child Understand The Situation And Minimize Their Social Interactions

Preventing the kids from talking to their friends can be hard, but it is something that needs to be done. If a child talks to their classmates and friends more, they will feel a higher urge to meet them. Children always want to go out and play with their friends. Hence, parents first need to cut off the connection. Parents can make the children understand the severity of the situation.

Not only children, even parents, and other individuals should minimize their social activities and interaction. 

2) Keeping Engaged

When children are left idle for long periods, they become restless. Unlike adults, a child cannot sit in one place for long periods, and they need to be physically active. Hence for the sake of our mental and physical health, we need to engage in some exercises. A schedule can be decided, and parents, along with their children, can practice some yoga or even play games. These games can also include puzzle games, cards, etc. which do not require ample space. Such activities will keep the children engaged, and they will not feel abstained from their playdates. 

3) Few Activities That Parents And Children Can Do During This Time

Whether it is catching up with the incomplete home projects or trying those recipes, this time of lockdown is probably the best to involve in all this with your children. Here are a few fun activities that parents and children can do together:-

  • Watch movies with the family.
  • Learn new things through online resources.
  • Encourage the children to practice their hobbies like playing a musical instrument or drawing.
  • Try out your cooking skills and engage your children in the process. They will enjoy and also learn something new.
  • Try rearranging or redecorating the house. 
  • While studies are not something that excites the kids, parents should allot some time of the day to education. This will help them keep updated with the school and classroom concepts. 

Lockdown should be considered as a golden opportunity for the parents and children to improve their bonding and spend time as a family, embracing each other’s presence. Instead of being frustrated about being trapped, we can create a more positive outlook on the whole scenario and profit from it.




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