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Science Lessons That Tap Into Student Curiosity About COVID-19

Pandemic is currently the hot topic that everyone is talking about as this is the first time that this generation has ever faced a pandemic situation and most of the teachers are turning this calamity as a teachable moment by developing their lesson which are related to pandemic which will help children make the sense of this unprecedented situation , understand the science behind it and lastly take a appropriate precautions to safeguard themselves and their families from this  deadly virus.

There is a lot of inaccurate information floating on the internet about the pandemic so teachers can give clear and accurate information about the pandemic to children, helping them to get a deeper insight on real world issues which give more meaning to their education as they explore their fears and unanswered questions can really have a huge impact in coping with the feeling of instability and uncertainty. Many Teachers have given the choice to students to opt in and out of this pandemic lesson as for many students learning about pandemic is an opportunity to explore real world issues while for some students learning about pandemic can be too much to bear.

Here are the few lessons that Teachers are using in order to teach students about pandemic –

1 – How Virus Spread 

In this lesson Teachers uses a multimedia explaining  how the virus jump from animals to human and how it has been able to spread from people to people with the help of droplets like  when a person sneezes or cough and anyone within 6 feet can breathe it into their lungs , Airborne Transmission explain how virus can live in the air for almost 3 hours and  theirs is a risk of anyone breathing virus into their lungs, Surface Virus explains how virus on any surface can live for many days and increase the risk of transmission.

2 – What happen when Virus enters the body 

Teachers are using Visual representation and animation of how viruses get into our body and how our strong immune system fights against the virus and kills it  and also explain when the immune system is weak and can have a deadly impact on the body. This gives a clear picture to students what happens when a virus enters the body.

3- Combating Misinformation 

For this lesson Teachers can ask the students to read data articles about coronavirus  and collect information and analyse it thoroughly and Match that resource with other relevant information and ask the students about their findings on the topic this will enhance their ability to explore and finds the truth rather than believing any news provided to them as truth. 

4 – Vaccines and Future 

In this lesson teachers give clear insights on vaccines that are available that can kill the deadly coronavirus, so many different companies have developed vaccines and each vaccine works differently on coronavirus. Lesson explains how each vaccine is different from each other and how it works by understanding the real  science behind the vaccines and also explains how to avoid the pandemic situation in future by saving the wildlife natural habitat .

Some safety lessons to avoid the virus from spreading – 

1 – Mask Testing 

In this lesson  students rather than just wearing a mask does a experiment on it and see which mask is provide more safety for this many students experiment on 3 popular mask type , N-95 , surgical , cloth mask for this they spray water colour inside the mask and check which mask stop the water droplets from going outside and they found that N-95 was the best in stopping the droplets from going outside , Surgical mask was second and cloth mask is Third. This gives a clear picture to students which mask  is safest for them.

2 –  Washing your hand 

In this lesson Students learn about maintaining hand hygiene in this , teachers wear a white glove and take black colour which represents soap so when they wash the hand  students can clearly see which part of the hand don’t get enough black colour so teachers shows them proper way to clean hands and kill viruses. Children will learn more about hand hygiene and how it can safeguard you from getting affected by any viruses. 

3 – Social Distancing 

Teachers are teaching students the art of social distancing as how to maintain a at least 6 feet distance in public and how they can communicate with their friends using safe methods like online messaging apps or video calling apps . And if they meet some friends in person how they can greet them maintaining a social distance . Teach children how their small steps can have a huge impact on flattening the coronavirus curve.

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