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How Lockdown Has Affected The Mindset Of The Students In India


After the pandemic was announced, the world for every individual changed upside down. The virus spread was not just into one atmosphere or nation. It vigorously busted into the entire planet. The virus reached out to every alive corner of the planet, and lockdown became our new normal.

The economies crashed, people died, people lost jobs, and children got home alone. For the first time in human history, human is constrained and cannot be a support to its fellow humans emotionally, nor physically or financially, this is a curse. Everyone is scared; some experts even suggest it as an intentional biological war. Everything started to happen online. The internet can be considered as the only friend at this time of aloofness.


Affect On Students

The younger generation that was about to smell the fragrance of this beautiful world, feel the essence of this phenomenal world, and listen to the rhapsody of the enchanting world can now never visit our world that is devastated by this microscopic organism. The young minds were supposed to grow and learn the world through experiences and view it through their own eyes, but now it is not possible so far.

The echo of the virus is so fierce and deafening that the students and children are being caged within the four walls of their room. They couldn’t breathe into the free air as we used to. Today it is becoming difficult to keep your spirits high and soul enthusiastic. The surrounding is covered with such negative vibes which are restricting the inner growth of the children. The loss of their loved ones and their family is shattering the children down, and no one could support them. This is high time for all of us. We need to keep ourselves protected, not just for ourselves but for our loved ones.


What Good Came?

Well, apart from all the dark sides, there is always a brighter side. Humans have always found a way out to the light and have proved them as intelligent creations of the almighty. Flipping the coin is never easy, but we have turned down disaster into an opportunity. A lot of students are pursuing their passion, utilizing their spare time in some productive activities, learning, and innovating.

Online learning mode is forced over us initially, but now the general awareness has grown wider, and children are rightly moving forward. It is true online learning cannot provide a complete learning environment as it lacks team learning, an educative environment, applicable knowledge, and a lot more, but walking slowly and steadily is better than completely locked and chained feet.

Parents, teachers, and children are all together trying to build an optimistic atmosphere for the students to be a part of healthy learning processes. Every little step of yours can be a turning point for you, as you never know which opportunity knocks on your door when, and the next moment, you can be seen with the stars over the clouds.

The virus has made us shrink to just the four walls of the room and compacted our social life to just four faces of the family. The adults are losing their temper, stressing out, and the situation is getting complicated for the new generation as they are being raised in a parochial environment. The encounter with the world is restricted, which is why creativity is at its edge.

Today we have time to participate in any activity of our choice that we always wished and skipped due to lack of time, but the zest for life and happiness is absent, which is why our heart doesn’t wish to keep up the colors high. Ironically the earth is getting greener, but the humans are getting dimmer.


How To Thrive?

The virus is a disaster. It is created to cause destruction, but it is you who can isolate yourself from the evils and walk towards the right to make a difference. A single step walking to the light can make the next second brighter. Indeed, you might not find the light so often and so quickly, but where there is a will, there is a way.

Travel through your darkness, gather your spirits, walk with courage, fight your fears, and keep moving on the road less traveled. The human mind and physical structure are far more capable than one think of it, but it all depends on your vision and approach towards success. Self believes it is your key to every door of victory.

So every time you face the dark, remember the night sky and try to be the moon and stars to embrace your darkness, and remember the darker the night is going to be, the brighter will be the rise of your sun in your sky. This time is just a phase where this covid-19 virus is ruling over us, but the time will come when we will defeat the virus, and this world will again be a happy place where we could breathe free and fly high without the chains.

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