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Growth mindset of students in classroom

Growth mindset of students in classroom

Teachers always struggle with choosing the right strategies to implement which will foster the performance of the students as every student is different so one strategy will not be successful for all students but before Implementing the strategies Teacher should focus on shifting the mindset of children from Fixed to Growth as many students have a fixed mindset and they are not open to trying new things which affect their growth 

So let’s find out about the Fixed and Growth mindset. 

What is a Fixed Mindset? 

Fixed Mindset is basically a belief of a student where they feel intelligence, talent, skills are fixed traits and they can’t be improved by efforts so they don’t focus and they even resist learning. They create self-doubt and self defeat them before even attempting anything that’s new for them. If they don’t understand anything they tend to feel embarrassed and won’t ask teachers to help them out in understanding. 

What is a Growth Mindset? 

A growth mindset is completely the opposite of a Fixed Mindset and in this students believe the skills, talent and intelligence can be improved with efforts. They take learning as a process where they heavily rely on lessons and accurate feedback and believe they can improve by working hard. Students with a growth mindset are open to gain new knowledge or experience new things, they don’t hesitate to ask teachers about something they don’t understand. This makes an environment of learning and growth that will only improve the performance of the students. 

So, now you know why it’s so necessary to change the mindset of students from fixed to Growth as efforts play a vital role in improving performance, Intelligence, talent, or skills and now looks at some ways how teachers can implement a growth mindset in their classroom 

Top 5 Ways Teachers Should use in order to promote Growth Mindset in Students

1 – Use Different Teaching Techniques 

The teacher of girls boarding schools in India can mix up different techniques by presenting the content in a variety of ways like a teacher can use Video, Audio, Infographics or etc also make students change the way they process information for this teachers can make students sometimes learn individually, sometimes in small pair or medium groups and lastly teachers should change the way students demonstrate their knowledge for this teachers can ask students to submit an assignment, project or take a test just to check the information retention of the students. 

2 – Praise effort rather than intelligence

To change the student’s mindset Teachers should change their way of giving feedback as if they praise Intelligence and natural ability they are encouraging students to have a fixed mindset on the other hand if teachers start praising the efforts of the students and tell them that “ their strategy was good”  if they improved in some subjects or task teachers can say “ you are working hard and your performance has improved well done “ just by acknowledging and praising the efforts students mindset will shift from fixed to growth and they will only focus on working hard to get the desired result. 

3 – Give opportunities to face obstacles.

Teachers should avoid giving the simple easy doable task to children and praise them on the basis that by this they will never get a chance to grow so what teachers can do is give students hard, challenging task like project-based assignment, a problem-solving task like in a coding class teachers can ask students to develop an app or website by themselves and just ask them to follow the steps to tackle the problem and this will enhance their critical thinking ability, creativity and all in all help them in their Growth. Teachers can give them valuable feedback which students can use to solve the task that will enhance their growth mindset. 

4 – Teach Students how to accept constructive criticism.

Constructive Criticism plays a vital role in students’ growth mindset as students can use these criticisms as a stepping stone to achieving desired goals. Some students don’t take criticism well as they feel discouraged and these are the sign of a fixed mindset which needs to be changed so teachers not only criticize the student’s efforts but also guide them to the right path where they can achieve success by these students will open to criticism and take criticism as valuable feedback which will only help students to move in a right direction. 

5 – View failure as a learning 

Teachers remarks have a huge impact on children mindset as if they use harsh or negative words like “ you performed poorly your effort was bare minimum hence u failed “ so instead of that teacher can use positive words and guide them exactly to what they need to improve and encourage them to try again and achieve success and show them you have faith in them and students will take this as a challenge and improves their efforts and will definitely perform better next time. 

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