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  • Post published:Apr 16, 2021
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5 Team-Building Games For A Friendlier Classroom

Children who feel happy in the classroom tend to perform better in academics and in general. Teachers play a vital role in creating a friendly environment in the classroom that enhances well being and development of the children and similarly getting children to work together and have respect for each other by this children will get comfortable with each other resulting in improving teamwork and social skills.

Team building activities are fun and engaging, helping children to create bonds with each other and work together as a team.  Teaching academic lessons every day can make students engage less with the subject and schools in Dehradun creates an environment where children have zero connection with each other so teachers should always mix up the classroom environment and start using some team building activities which not only enhances teamwork but also makes the classroom environment healthier.

So here are the Best 5 Team-building Games or activities for the classroom

1- Classification

This is one of the most popular Team building games in the Classroom as it helps children to find out more about other children and understand and accept their differences between different people. In this game Teachers form the 2-3  groups of students and ask them one by one to introduce themselves to others students and tell them about their likes, dislikes and everything about themselves then ask them to classify the team into subgroups based on all the information they shared. Groups could be based on the foods, movies, or color they like However one thing Teachers should instruct children before the classification is not to use negative judgment. When the Activity ends children will know each other better.

2- Out-of-the-Box Thinking

In this activity, Teachers divide the Classroom into multiple groups and give them a box full of objects, structures, other materials like scissors, tape, glue, paper and etc and ask the teams to create something unique from the box they have been provided with. They also have to explain their creation and the teacher scores them on the basis of originality and presentation. This will help students to develop critical thinking and team working and creativity skills as they have to work together, brainstorm new ideas and create new products.

3 – Empty Chair 

This is another fun activity that Teachers implements in the classroom this Teachers make students grab a chair and sits a certain distance from other students then ask one student to get up and go as far as possible from their reserved seat and their goal is to return back to his own chair so to prevent students to Claim their seat other students get up and takes their seat so now participants move to the other empty chair the only goal is to find and grab an empty chair as there’s is no verbal communication allowed in this is game so it makes confusing for students to communicate and hence it makes it fun and engaging and it’s helps students to improve their non verbal communication and goalkeeping.

4 – Minefield

This is simple game which don’t go out of fashion in this teacher divide the students in groups and one participant is selected from each group , Than participants gets blindfolded and they have to complete certain task overcame obstacle through their minefield path and the group help the blindfolded participants by giving them instructions and guiding through their path. It’s super fun and engaging game that will help students to build trust with other students as they solely have to depend on the group for their direction.

5 – 4-Way Tug-of-War

This is another classic game that everyone has once played in their life but as this game is played with only two teams teachers add a twist by dividing the students in 4 groups and make it a four-way tug of war now there are four teams which will battle against each other in tug of war so in this either four teams can decide to play alone or they can join hands with other teams and remove 2 teams than plays a final battle among each other and the winner team receive a prize  which will add a extra motivation . This game enhances physical ability as well as develop Teamwork skills and sportsmanship .

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