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Classroom Management and the Flipped Class
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  • Post published:Mar 19, 2021
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Classroom Management and the Flipped Class

Good classroom management is a key for effective learning as ideally classroom management is an environment in which students focus on learning and understanding the content and grasping the knowledge rather than focusing on gossiping, disturbing the class, or just sitting in a class for the sake of education. This is not a healthy classroom environment as most of the teacher time goes away managing the class and disciplining the students and when they teach students are less attentive. 

In order to change this approach, the flip model is being used all over the world by the teachers where the teacher Is less worried about managing children but more focused on making students engage with the content and instead of sitting in front and conducting the class teachers teacher approach the students and works with them guiding them, helping them to  achieve deeper learning experience 

Just by switching things up the mentality of the whole class atmosphere changes as kids still make noises but this time the noise is of discussions among students related to the content or making inquiries to teachers about the content and to make kids quiet was never the purpose of teachers all they wanted is to make kids engage with the content and take the responsibility of their learning rather than solely depending on teachers for their learning.

Benefits of Flipped Class 

  • By Flipping classroom, students’ attitude changes toward education as they start to pay more attention to the content.
  • It improves the interaction between Teachers and Students as flipping the class creates an environment where students can freely discuss their queries and teachers are more than happy to help the students which help students in learning and understand content clearly. Teachers of the girls boarding schools in India create the best environment for their students so that they can freely ask their questions and improve their learning capabilities.
  • Flipping help the students who are sincere and come to class for learning as now they will get an atmosphere where they will excel on the other hand Flipping will also help students who struggle with learning as now the teacher can give personal attention to the kids who required more help with the learning, this will make the struggling kids improve their performance and achieve their goals. 
  • Students can manage the classroom better as they are not sitting in one place and controlling the class but they can come around the class helping individuals students which force every student to focus more on content than any other things by this teachers can successfully manage the classroom.

Flipped Class Management Issues 

1- Who will get the teachers Time 

The biggest problem in flipping class is that teachers are not giving lectures or giving instructions every day rather they are interacting with them and helping students individually and it will become a problem for teachers with whom they will spend the majority of their time with. Either Teacher focus on the students who are sincere and intelligent and help them to excel more and reach higher goals or they can focus on struggling and help them with learning and understanding the content, this is the tough decisions for the teacher as their main aim is to provide help to right students still it will make other students feels neglected and their engagement and performance will go down. 

2 – Diverting Off-Task Kids Becomes More Important

When teachers start flipping the class the students receive more freedom which is hard for some students to handle as some students take this freedom positively to engage with the content more effectively while other students take this as an opportunity to do whatever they want which definitely won’t be any product and will definitely be a waste of time. Teachers jobs get even more challenging as they have to teach the students and also manage the classroom or monitor each student and check whether all students are on content and if they find students are falling behind they have to use a different approach and remove the students from the group so that they won’t disturb other and they have talked to their parents in order to make them realize their mistake so when the students will come back to class teachers will first pay attention to them so they can start their class on a good note.

3 – New Challenge for Teachers 

Some Teachers are comfortable with the old traditional method of teaching where they manage the whole classroom by sitting in front but by flipping the classroom teachers have problems with managing the classroom as they have to go into individual students and help and interact with them which gives freedom to other students to do anything they want by this the control of the class comes in students hands and teachers can only trust them that they are managing themselves.

4- Questions Changes in PTM 

Earlier with traditional classroom parents used to ask the teacher in the parent-teacher meeting is that how are their children behave in the classroom but after flipping the class teachers find it difficult to answer that question as they also don’t know as the behavior becomes a non-issue in the flipped classroom so teachers have to guide parents to new question which is how are their children leaning to change the focus from behavior to students learning.

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