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Team Building Activities For Kids

Teamwork is an essential skill that individuals should possess. Kids while growing up should understand the importance of it and how to work efficiently as a team.

When two or more people collectively work together to achieve a common goal or a dream, it is known as a team.

Team building is essential for kids in schools. No goal or dreams can be achieved alone or single-handedly. People often work in a team to work efficiently and divide the burden. Teachers of boarding schools in India inculcate the feeling of team building in their students to make them socially active. 

If a person knows how to work in a team or lead a group, it becomes easy to attain desired results.

Various team building activities help children work in a team and give a collective effort. Individuals must know how to react in different situations and give their best. Nobody likes a freeloader. Everyone is supposed to give their bit to make their team win. Several amazing team bonding activities for kids are organized by the teachers of boarding schools in Dehradun.


Some of the activities that help in team building can be explained below.


1) Unroping the rope– The purpose of any activity should be to teach a lesson. If students have something useful to take away from such actions, the mission is accomplished. The whole idea behind this activity is to teach problem-solving and encourage out of the box thinking. Two or more people are tied with ropes, and their job is to untangle the strings. It also helps to practice patience and persistence. In times like these, people often lose their calm and get panicky. So this exercise helps kids to learn how to solve problems with a calm mind. 


2) Guess the word – Here, children can be made to write a few words and enact them. The other person will think the words and help give answers. This helps to create a sense of compatibility and understanding.


3) Flying Ball– This exercise focuses on team building and team work. It also highlights each member’s strengths and weaknesses, which helps the leader assign different tasks as per everyone’s capabilities. In this, a  ball is made to balance on a small base and is transferred from one corner to another. The base is attached with strings, and those strings are controlled by different team members.


4) Caterpillar Race – This activity helps children know the importance of time management and strategy building. In this activity, children go rushing, pick up their balloons and adjust them between each other. If the strategy is inadequate and team members fail to form a caterpillar, then they fail to complete the task.


5) Listen and follow– In this activity; children are supposed to listen carefully and act. This helps them to pay attention to whatever they do. In the end, the one who catches the handkerchief first wins. This activity also helps in building concentration.


6) Twin race with Balloon– Children squeeze the balloon and take it to the basket.

The ones who collect more balloons are announced as winners.


7) Tug of War– It is often played between two teams. There is a rope that is pulled by both the teams from opposite ends.

The team that is successful in pulling the rope to their side wins.

This activity tests the endurance of team members and physical strength too.

It is a game where the leader devises a strategy.

The incredible thing about the tug of war is that you can figure out how to win as a group, regardless of whether you don’t have the most grounded individuals on your side!


8) Trust walk-In this activity, one child guides the other to reach the destination. This game is exciting as it involves a lot of aspects. From communication to trust, it covers all. Children learn to have faith in each other. The one guiding realizes the power of communication, and when he successfully communicates his/her message, the other one succeeds in completing the task. It is a joint effort.

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