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Sports at Ecole Globale: Building Students Character and Skill

When a boarding school is in consideration, especially for girls, numerous factors need to be analysed. The overall personality development of the student, with the best preparatory guidance for college and other future ventures, is expected from an exceptional prep school. An excellent infrastructure, impeccable curriculum, world-class facilities, and a fantastic atmosphere make a Boarding School stand out from the rest. Ecole Globale International Boarding School for Girls, Dehradun satisfies all these parameters.


Sports at Ecole Globale for students’ general development for several reasons, some of which are listed below:

  1. Physical fitness: Sports encourage students to lead an active lifestyle. Students who participate in sports regularly have discipline and avoid chronic illnesses.
  2. Mental well-being: Sports education can also have a positive impact on student’s mental health. Endorphins are naturally occurring molecules that serve to lower anxiety and depression and are released through physical activity. Sports can help children build confidence and develop their self-esteem.
  3. Social skills: Students have a great opportunity to improve their social skills through sports education.  Team sports necessitate cooperation, communication, and teamwork, all of which can assist students in developing close bonds with their fellow competitors. Sports also help students develop important life qualities like leadership, respect, and sportsmanship, which they can use in both their personal and professional lives.
  4. Character development: Sports education can aid in students’ character development. The focus and dedication needed for sports can help children build a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility. Students learn about fair play, honesty, and good morals through sports, three essential qualities for success in life.

Sports at Ecole Globale helps in building Confidence, Character & Skills:

Building Confidence, Character & Skills at Ecole Globaler

Sports education plays a vital role in the holistic development of students. The best sports schools in India know that although academic education is crucial, students can also benefit from sports education in terms of character, social skills, mental health, and physical fitness. When they master new skills or win a game, they feel like achievers and when they lose it instils in them the quality to learn from their failures, a lesson they carry to other aspects of their lives.

Ecole Globale campus is scattered across an extensive and well-developed 45-acre land area.  The importance is also given to sports at ecole globale and other extra-curricular activities to ensure all-round personality development. In addition to the physical development, the mental well-being of the child is also well taken care of. The girls in this school are nurtured to their best potential. The empowering aura cultivates an optimistic approach towards life, enabling them to overcome any hurdle that life presents them. 

All sports disciplines are given equal importance and are played with great enthusiasm under the guidance of specialised coaches. 

In essence, the disciplines offered are:

  • Swimming
  • Shooting
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Athletics
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Table Tennis
  • Squash
  • Martial Arts



The quality of sports infrastructure is one of the primary criteria used to evaluate sports schools in India. It includes factors such as the availability and maintenance of sports grounds, tracks, swimming pools, indoor facilities, gymnasiums, and other amenities. For students to make a mark in the sports and games field, the campus at Ecole Globale acquires world-class sports facilities. 

An all-weather swimming pool as per the Olympic pool’s measurements is constructed in the school, which provides the students with a professional-level experience. The school maintains a fully functional Rifle Shooting Range, which has a fair following. There are also separate and well-equipped courts for Squash, Basketball and Tennis. It is due to these facilities and our skilled coaches that the School always manages to bag a humongous number of medals in every sports tournament.

The school also has Volleyball, Table Tennis and Football facilities, which again are of supreme delivery quality with well-trained coaches and advanced equipment. The school band is considered as one of the sports and also as a recreational activity in the school. Interest in all games is kept alive throughout the year, through various inter-house competitions. 

The school has five big playgrounds to help in training the students while giving each student an equal opportunity for the girls to develop their abilities and bring out the best in them.



Along with infrastructure, the quality and availability of facilities such as equipment, training aids, medical facilities, accommodation, food, and transport are also considered critical factors. The Ecole Globale campus houses a well-equipped and technology-savvy academic wing, 5 spacious boarding houses, amply equipped sports amenities, medical facilities and a messing hall, spread over its lush green campus of 40 acres, which are all architecturally well-planned and constructed. To support the students round the clock, in their physical well-being, the School Infirmary conducts periodic dental, skin and hygiene checks.  


Coaching Staff:

Coaching Staff

The quality of the coaching staff plays a crucial role in a student’s athletic development. Factors such as the experience, qualifications, and expertise of the coaches, their teaching methodology, communication skills, and support staff are evaluated to determine the school’s coaching standards. 

There are not many boarding schools that offer a wide array of sports to choose from. Girls at Ecole Globale have the option of picking two sports at ecole globale per year and they are taught right from the basics, to hone their skills according to their interests. What is more beneficial is that, for each sport, there is a highly experienced and adept coach, which makes it easier for students to get personalised attention in a particular sport. Games are compulsory and our students have consistently excelled in athletics.


Performance in National and International Events:

Performance in National and International Events

The school’s past performance in national and international events is a crucial criterion for evaluation. It reflects the school’s overall sports culture, the quality of training and coaching, and the achievements of its students.

Alumni Achievements:

Alumni Achievements


The success of the school’s alumni in the sports field is an indicator of the school’s legacy and the quality of sports at Ecole Globale. The proud claimer of several Inter-School, District, State, Zonal and National Level Trophies in various sporting events. At an International Level too, our students have kept the flag of Ecole and the country high, where they participated and received massive appreciation.

The performance of the Ecoliers has been exceptional in the field of sports. The students have bagged several state and national level awards, establishing a well-reputed image in the international platform as well. 

Some notable achievements:-

  • Five silver and 10 bronze medals in the Under-19 category and five qualifications for the national level competition at the CBSE North Zone Swimming Competition 2016, held at Apeejay School Noida.


  • Girls also bagged nine medals in the Excellent Horse Show Competition held in New Delhi.


  • The members of the School Badminton Team participated in the 1st Oasis Junior Cup Badminton Tournament organised by the OASIS (The Oberai School Of Integrated Studies) Dehradun. Our ace shuttlers put up a spectacular performance as they played matches with students from Unison, Wynberg Allen, DIS(City), DIS(Riverside), The Oasis, and Summer Valley School.


  • 163 swimmers from 11 schools participated in the Swimming Competition held at Gyananda School. Our Swimming Team participated and performed exceptionally well. We ranked second in the tournament and bagged 31 medals which included 17 Gold, 4 Silver and 10 Bronze

Sports education in India has become increasingly important as the country has emerged as a major sporting destination in recent years. The Indian government has also recognized the importance of sports education and has launched several initiatives to promote sports in the country. Sports education in India offers a wide range of opportunities for students to pursue their passion and develop their skills.

Sports at Ecole Globale aims to provide students with opportunities for growth, development, building character and skills so they to excel in the field of sports. Our sports program at Ecole Globale is designed to not only equip students with a knowledge of the sport but also to make them great players and sportspersons.


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