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Top 10 Girls International Boarding School in India

Top 10 girls international boarding school in India

It Was All Black

I am in the room. Pin drop silence, plain white walls and in front of me is a piece of paper. Blank at first sight, but closer inspection reveals something written at the back of it. My heart pounds faster and faster as each second from the hour that I have is lost.

I’m in serious thought, I have a writing utensil that I furiously use to make a final decision on what I should do. I am isolated, scared, 12 and a daughter of two caring adults. I find clear teardrops rolling down my cheeks as I think of all my precious memories, and all the beloved people who are wondering where I’m lost.

It’s depressing and I’m scared. So I just curl up into a ball and start rocking back and forth. I stop as I hear the 10 second alarm go off. After all those minutes of thinking, I finally make a decision. I think of looking at the paper and try and avoid anything that is related to my death. Then it hits me, fate could change through our actions in our present. But then what is written on the piece of paper is probably right.

After the 5 second alarm goes off, I find myself leaving the room, too scared to look back. But I do, and the room has disappeared. Then through the the darkness around me, lights peek that gets bigger and then….It was all black.

It’s fascinating how time travels at different paces all the time. If you want something so desperately, it’ll make sure it takes forever to take just one step. Top 10 girls boarding school in India But if you are enjoying something or you do not want some moment to end-just a heartbeat and that moment is gone.

Ecole Globale International Girls School

Address :
Village Horawalla, Near Sahaspur
Dehradun – 248197, India

Email :

Mobile : +91-9557291888
Phone : 0135-3985400

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