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You are currently viewing PM Modi To Inaugurate ‘The India Toy Fair 2021’
PM Modi To Inaugurate ‘The India Toy Fair 2021’
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  • Post published:Feb 27, 2021
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PM Modi To Inaugurate ‘The India Toy Fair 2021’

PM Modi To Inaugurate ‘The India Toy Fair 2021’ Today

To celebrate India’s 75 years of Independence, PM Modi’s vision is to make India “ AtmaNirbhar “ by the year 2022 and to create a new India which will be traditionally modern with a global outlook. The government has taken yet another initiative toward making India “ AtmaNirbhar” by giving a boost to India’s  Toy and games industry . Government has planned to organise “The India Toy Fair 2021” With a plan to create a virtual platform where buyer, seller , stakeholder , designer, students , teacher and etc. can come together for a dialogue for the overall development of the Toys and Games Industry. 

The main aim for this Fair is to make Government and the Toy & Games Industries work together to make India the manufacturing hub for Toys and Games which will attract investor and and export toys and games globally for this Government has asked Local toy producers and designers to create a toys or games by incorporating  advanced technology in traditional toys and this will also give boost to India’s Vocals for locals campaign.Most of the schools like boarding schools in India organized a fair that is based on the make in India project to develop entrepreneurship skills in students

Today on 27 feb 2021 PM Modi inaugurated “The India Toy Fair 2021” via Vedic conferencing and this fair will conclude on 2 nd March 2021 and more than 100 speakers will address and gives their views on Improving Toys Industries Moreover thousands of exhibitors from all around India will participate in the fair and will showcase their products in a virtual exhibition just like an ecommerce and this will eventually help them get the global exposure for their local products. 

At the inauguration of the India Toy fair, PM Modi spoke  to one of the artisans of channapatna and said “Innovation and competition in toy-making can fuel India’s vocal for the local campaign and can popularize indigenous Indian toys abroad.” Furthermore, he advised them to use e-market and many new ways to promote their products and ultimately to take their products globally. PM Modi said Indian toys are not provided at a very low cost and they are made up of natural eco-friendly products and India’s local toy and games industries will play a very important role in AtmaNirbhar Bharat and also Making efforts to promote India’s rich and diverse toy production.

While speaking about the importance of  Indian Toys PM Modi said Indian toys help in the development of the child’s brain and can enhance cognitive skills moreover local toys intensify the feeling of Unity among kids as Indian toys are not for entertainment but it also simplifies theories of scientific just like a lattu teaches about the balance and gravity simple gullet teaches about force and kinetic energies. 

While talking to the kathputli maker from Jaipur, PM Modi asked them to make a special skit to inspire children to wear masks and regularly wash their hands. PM Modi also asked the toymaker to make toys that are reliable for children and also to incorporate technology with the traditional toys and make the toys as attractive as possible which will create curiosity and can attract investments to have Indian toys reach out globally. 



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