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You are currently viewing Fight against terrorism has strengthened its roots in the masses- Rajnath Singh
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  • Post published:Jun 1, 2021
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Fight against terrorism has strengthened its roots in the masses- Rajnath Singh

Terrorism is an issue that has troubled but many countries. It has plagued the countries, deprived the citizens of peace and happiness and snatched their healthy human lives. With this regard, the Union Minister- Rajnath Singh has expressed himself clearly about the rising problem of terrorism in the country and how much the government is prepared to battle against this plague. He said that though India is a peaceful country, any provocation won’t be tolerated at all. He further said that Narendra Modi-led government had taken strong measure to curb terrorism. This rock- strong behavior has cemented India’s reputation as one of the most influential nations in the world.

While addressing the people in Jharkhand, he said, “Our intention is clear. Our policy is clear… ‘Hum duniya ke kisi desh ko chhedenge naihin; lekin jo hum ko chhedega, hum chhodenge nahin’ (we will never provoke any country, but, if provoked, will not spare anyone). He recalled the time when the former prime minister- Atal Bihari Vajpayee had extended a hand of friendship to the neighboring country- Pakistan, but they gave us the wound of Kargil war. The country has on and off violated its peace treaty with India, and it is high time that we prepare ourselves for serving them a taste of their own medicine.  The union minister stated- “Atal Ji used to say, friends may change in life, but not neighbors. He went to Pakistan with an objective to build neighborly relations. Pakistan, in return, invaded Kargil. Our jawans, however, gave an appropriate response, decimating them.”

He further added- “The Narendra Modi government decided to strike and destroy terror camps inside Pakistan. India is no longer a weak nation. I have been to several countries in the past as well as in recent times. Our country’s impression has changed outside. Our fight against terrorism has cemented India’s reputation as one of the strongest nations in the world.” 

Pummeling the resistance groups which looked for the withdrawal of Citizenship (Amendment) Bill – an enactment that tries to allow nationality to all non-Muslim, displaced people from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan – he stated, “The BJP doesn’t separate individuals based on confidence or position. We have confidence in ‘insaf’ (equity) and ‘insaniyat’ (humankind).” The first and second-phase polling had finished on November 30th 2019 and December 7th 2019 respectively, while the third phase is scheduled on December 12th 2019. Jharia is among the fifteen seats conducting polls on December 16, during the fourth of the five-stage assembly elections.

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India’s fight against terrorism cemented its position as one

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