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You are currently viewing Primary education in the mother tongue can boost a child’s self-esteem and creativity: Venkaiah Naidu.
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  • Post published:Feb 23, 2021
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Primary education in the mother tongue can boost a child’s self-esteem and creativity: Venkaiah Naidu.

The Education Ministry and Cultural Ministry organized their first webinar session on Sunday where Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu spoke about using mother tongue in Primary education can elevate students self-esteem and creativity furthermore Vice President continued Mother Tongue should be the primary medium of teaching till class 5 as teaching young children in other languages which are not familiar to them can create a barrier in learning and it affects the development of especially the primary education students. Some schools like boarding schools in India use to implement new education policies into their curriculum to boost up child’s self-esteem and creativity.

The Vice President also expressed his view on the new education policy referring to it as a progressive as well as visionary document and desired to implement the policy in letter and spirit. 

Not only The Vice President focused on using mother tongue in primary education but he also concentrated on using mother tongue in five different sectors as well. The first aim is to use local language in Administrations, secondly use of native language in court proceedings and the judgments will be delivered in the same language as well. Thirdly & Fourth, the Vice President wants to implement local language slowly and steadily in Higher Education as well as Technical Education. Last VP weight on using parent language proudly in their houses. 

Moreover, the Vice President said with more than  100 languages coexisting making it a linguistic diversification that has been the foundation of our ancient society. The Vice President also noticed that how “our local languages can bring out a passionate reaction in people “,  Mr. Naidu considered native language as a vital link to our socio-cultural identity, an archive of our collective judgment and intelligence, and hence it needs to be protected, conserved and should be promoted ”  after emphasizing on the importance of Local language Naidu advised use of local language should be increased in both local as well as state level.

The Vice President while supporting the local language in governance said “Only by communicating with the common person in a language he or she understands can we include him or her in the process of governance and development. Language of administration should be the language of the people.” As giving an example Naidu said that In Rajyasabha a special provision was made where there are 22 languages are scheduled and members can express themselves in anyone of the given languages. 

In the event of International Mother Language Day organized by Swarna Bharat Trust at Muchintal, the Vice President was addressing a small gathering where he advocated the importance of using local languages in higher studies and he also addresses the issue of local languages getting endangered and there is a possible risk of these local languages of getting lost forever. 

During a Virtual Event where Education Minister Ramesh Nishank Pokhriyal,  Union Culture Minister Prahlad Singh Patel, and Union Minister of State for Education Sanjay Dhotre were present where the Vice President promoted the idea of bilingual and he advised people to first make their mother tongue foundation stronger and than try to learn as many languages. 

The Vice President celebrated International Mother language day in a unique way where he published articles about the importance of mother tongue in 24 local languages newspaper and he also posted a tweet in 22 different languages. 

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