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  • Post published:Mar 3, 2020
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NEW DELHI:- The 2012 Nirbhaya rape case had sent shivers down the spine of the entire nation due to the severity of the incident that took place. The convicts are held in custody since then, and speculations and court proceedings regarding their death sentence are going on.

The confusion and delay in executing the death sentence of the condemned convicts do not seem to conclude. It has been a long time since the accused convicts Pawan Gupta- 25, Akshay Thakur- 31, Vinay Sharma- 26 and Mukesh Singh- 32 have been appealing for mercy in various courts and institutions, postponing their death sentence. This is being done to put a stay on their death penalty.

The four men who have been accused and convicted for mercilessly raping and killing a 23-year-old medical student in Delhi will not be hanged today, 3rd March 2020, 6 am as scheduled. A judge form from Delhi confirmed the news of deferring the execution for the third time.

According to the court, the mercy petition of Pawan Gupta ( one of the convicts) is pending with the president, Mr Ram Nath Kovind and so they have not been exempted from all their possible legal options. The Patiala House Court in Delhi has been quoted as saying, “ The condemned convict must not meet his creator with a grievance in his bosom that the courts of this country have not acted fairly in granting him an opportunity to exhaust his legal remedies.”

The four men, including two others a minor and Ram Singh, were arrested after the incident of the gang rape that took place in Delhi, 2012. The main accused, Ram Singh, was found dead, hanging in his jail cell in 2013. The minor was released after three years in a rehabilitation and reform home.

The event took place on 16th December 2012 when a medical student, who came to be known as her media name “Nirbhaya”, was returning home with her friend after watching a movie. She was lured into boarding a bus where she was attacked, raped, assaulted and tortured so brutally that she could not survive long in the hospital after the incident took place. After all the atrocities the convicts have thrown Nirbhaya and her friend out of the bus. Her intestines had been mutilated and ripped out, leaving her in an extremely deadly condition.

The case led to a massive angry reaction from people all over the world. People held rallies and candle marches in support of Nirbhaya. Processions were held on the streets for a long time and the justice system and government received a major backlash for a long time. Till now, Nirbhaya’s mother has been continuously fighting for justice for her daughter and was left devastated when the death sentence was postponed for the third time past Monday. She was agitated and highly condemned the court in its proceedings and methodologies. A justice delayed to be served is the justice denied.

The four convicts have been filing their petitions routinely in a planned manner to stretch the delay in their death sentence as far as possible. Pawan Gupta had waited till the very last and significant moment to make his final petition. After the Supreme Court rejected his appeal on the morning of 2nd march, he proceeded to file a mercy request before the president of India and asked the Delhi court to cancel the execution.

The lawyer of the convicts has been warned by the judge saying, “ You are playing with fire; you should be cautious.”

Previously the death sentence had been deferred twice 22nd January and 1st February. The court had instructed the convicts to exhaust all their legal rights within a week on 5th February and has also mentioned that the accused convicts cannot be hanged separately.

The stay in the execution has erupted a lot of adverse reactions from the people, especially from Nirbhaya’s mother. The Delhi government has recommended a rejection of the mercy plea of the convicts a few minutes after it was received from the Union Home Ministry.

This case is a susceptible one and more than seven years delay signifies the significant inefficiency of the Indian justice system. Both parents of Nirbhaya are suffering significant consequences for so many years, while the convicts and their lawyer are using all types of extreme measures to secure the life of convicts and also possibly elongate it. Justice system, the government and the court are receiving hard criticism and backlash from all parts of the country. Unrest is being created in the significant section of the society because of these happenings.

Full details about Delhi gang rape case


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