On Tuesday, 20th October, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, addressed the nation at 6:00 pm. He requested the citizens to be careful and continue taking precautionary measures as COVID-19 is still a prevalent concern. As the festive season is approaching, the need to be cautious is even more. He said that even a little bit of carelessness could lead to consequences which will subsequently affect the festive spirit of the nation. This was the 7th address of the Prime Minister to the nation following the COVID-19 outbreak.

PM Modi also mentioned examples of the United States of America and several countries of Europe where the sudden rise in the number of cases have generated a state of worry. The economic activities are on an upsurge as the lockdown is being eased in phases. The festive season is approaching, and people are expected to come out of their homes for shopping and celebrations. At this time, carelessness can cause cases to increase. PM Modi also appealed to the nation, and it’s citizens to be immensely careful until an effective cure is discovered.


  • Videos and pictures of people being careless, not wearing masks and not following the guidelines have emerged. This negligence of the people can be dangerous. Such people are putting their, their families and other citizen’s life in danger.
  • The lockdown may have ended, but coronavirus is still a prevalent concern. We must keep this in mind and be cautious.
  • This is a crucial time to be cooperative and not be negligent. Assuming the virus to be gone can have serious repercussions. It is risky to assume that the virus is not dangerous.
  • India has greatly overcome the hurdles through the corporation of every citizen and is therefore in a stable condition. In the last seven-eight months, we all have shown excellent efforts, and we must continue so that the situation does not worsen.
  • The government and organization are making strides to curate a cure and ensure that every citizen of the country receives the medicine. Until then, it is necessary to follow the precautionary measures diligently. 


The tally of coronavirus cases in India crossed 7.6-million-mark. Approximately 54,044 fresh cases were reported, and 717 fatalities were also recorded in the last 24 hours as per the government data. The recovery rate in India is over 88% which is highest in the world. This has significantly reduced the gap between the total number of cases reported and the number of active cases. It is being said that India had reached its peak in September with more than 90k cases reported in a single day. The disease is on a decline now, but with the festive season around the corner, a sudden spike is being anticipated.

The economic activities have started resuming, and even the cinema halls are now open to the general public. Precautionary measures are still prevalent, and guidelines are being followed in schools, offices and other organizations who have resumed operations. 

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