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You are currently viewing PM Modi’s Pariksha Pe Charcha With Classes 9-12 Students To Be Held In March: Education Minister
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  • Post published:Feb 19, 2021
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PM Modi’s Pariksha Pe Charcha With Classes 9-12 Students To Be Held In March: Education Minister

PM is all set to welcome students of class 9 -12 for a fun-filled discussion in the fourth edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha as informed by Education Minister Mr. Pokhriyal. 

Pariksha pe charcha ” is an initiative taken by Prime Minister Modi to interact with the students and shares his valuable tips and lessons to ease their exam pressure and the children are selected on the basis of the contest and whoever wins the contest gets the reward and a chance to interact one on one with the PM,  this event is organized for students to ease their exam pressure and nervousness so that children can perform well in exams without carrying the pressure.

PM Modi’s Pariksha Pe Charcha

Pariksha pe charcha was started in 2018 and has been regularly organized every year in Delhi at Talkatora Stadium where PM Modi interacts with students from as many countries but this year along with the students of 9-12, parents and teachers will also get the chance to meet PM. The event won’t be organized in stadiums due to Covid safety protocols this event will now be conducted online as  Education Minister Mr. Pokhriyal recently tweeted about organizing Pariksha pe charcha online,  though the date for the event has not been decided yet the education minister announced that the date for registration for children who want to take part in Pariksha pe charcha. Registration has started on 18 February and the last date for the registration will be 14 March 2021. Teachers of the boarding schools in Dehradun also prepare their students to take part in the registrations who want to take part in Pariksha pe charcha.

Pariksha Pe Charcha competition is open for the students for class 9 -12 and the students have the option to choose one of the themes and they can also submit their questions in not more than 500 alphabets.

The fourth edition of Pariksha pe charcha not only gives students a chance to communicate with PM Modi but also parents and teachers can take part in this event. The selection of parents and theme will also be based on competition as they also have to pick and submit one theme. 

Themes for Students, Teacher, and Parents 

Multiple themes option has been given to all students, parents, and teachers like students have to draw a scene around your favorite festival or Write a Gratitude card for someone you are grateful to. 

 For parents, themes which are given is to write a postcard to your children and let them know why they are special or write a story about your vision about the child’s future.

For teachers, the theme is to write a 1500 character about online education and what are its benefits and how it can be improved. 

Important Guideline for Students / Parents / Teachers 

  • Participation is only for the students of classes 9 – 12 whereas it is open for all parents and teachers.
  • Students / Parents / Teachers have to register on the MyGov platform in order to participate in this competition.
  • Choose One Theme only 
  • Don’t exceed the word limit mentioned with the theme. 
  • Submit responses that are unique, original, and simple and are in their own words. 
  • Question for PM should not exceed 500 alphabets 
  • Upon successfully submitting the response all participants will get the digital certificate of participation 
  • All entries which will be submitted can be used by MyGov on social media or somewhere else. 

 Pariksha pe Charcha  Rewards 

Students / Parents and Teacher will be selected  on the basis of their theme

Submission in Pariksha Pe Charcha and the following winners will be rewarded with the following- 

  1. Pariksha Pe charcha Winner will get a chance to be a direct participant in the virtual event along with the PM
  2. Certification of Appreciation will be given to all winners of PPC 
  3. A small group of students will get a chance to directly interact with the PM and can ask him questions and the winner will also receive a digital memento of their signed photo alongside the Prime Minister.
  4. Winners will also receive a special Pratiksha pe Charcha Kit 


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