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Advantages of all girls boarding school over co-Ed schools

The schooling system offers two options to the parents and students for studying:- single-sex educational institutions or co-educational institutions. So what is the actual difference between the two?

A co-educational or a co-ed school is a place where the boys and the girls study together under a standard curriculum. They face similar competition and challenges, where every gender is treated with equality. On the other hand, a single-ed school is a place where only the students of one particular gender are enrolled. Such schools allow only an all-girls or all-boys program that caters to their specific needs for development.

Although many prefer the co-ed schooling scenario as it relates more to the actual world. People believe that in co-ed schools, students tend to become more comfortable in the presence of each other and learn more about the differences of the opposite gender. But it also has several disadvantageous. The students of different genders have different preferences, ideologies, needs, and influences. It becomes hard to establish a healthy rapport between the two genders, and this may also result in many different cases.

When boarding schools come into consideration, then a co-ed style of teaching can become a bit messy and hard to handle. There are specific different needs that pertain to a particular gender. Also, at a young age students lacks sympathy towards each other, and this may lead to many unwanted situations. For a girl, a co-ed boarding school can be a hard endurance. Girls are way different compared to boys and need special attention, especially during this age of schooling.

Here are a few advantages that an all-girls boarding school offer over a regular co-educational institution:-

Comfortable Atmosphere:-

We generally feel more comfortable in the company of the people of our gender. We can understand and relate to each other’s concerns in a better way. Also, social problems get significantly marginalized. Girls can share better and converse more openly in a similar sex scenario. The issues of each other are taken in a more positive and helpful stride.

No disparities:-

In a co-ed school, there are numerous disparities. The abilities to perform both genders are very different. Girls dominate certain activities like language and arts, while boys are considered to be diligent in maths and science. In a single-sex school, such difference in the performances gets substantially eliminated as the students get exposed to the distinct streams with the same camphor and opportunities.

Breaking stereotypes:-

Certain jobs and activities in the world are categorized as to be a man’s job or a woman’s job. Such stereotypes do not find their place in an all-girls boarding school. The girls get exposed to every kind of sports and activities. From badminton and squash to cricket and football, from arts and fashion to science and mechanisms, the girls get equal opportunities to shine in every field. They discover new interests and can set their careers in the most unique of the areas.

Gender partiality:-

In co-ed schools, preference is provided gender-based over several activities. Such kind of a discriminatory and partial environment is not found in an all-girls or even all-boys boarding schools. Students get to participate in all types of activities and display their unique talents and interests.

Better co-ordination:-

At the younger ages, girls and boys usually despise each other’s presence. When the groups are mixed, they face problems of co-ordination and find it hard to establish a good rapport with each other. Therefore, in an all-girls school, they do not face such a problem and can achieve a more co-operative environment. This also increases their working efficiency and leads to better results.

Better relief under situations:- 

The first menstrual cycle of a girl is a situation that is very unpredictable. If she is a part of a boarding school, she will able to get better help under such a circumstance. It gets embarrassing under a co-ed atmosphere, and a girl may feel shy in asking for help. An all-girls boarding school such instances can be tackled more conveniently.

Many people argue that the students, after gaining education from a single-ed school, face difficulties when they get in touch with the real world. They experience difficulty in communicating with the opposite gender. But, the result is not this for a majority of times. Everybody is exposed to the influence of the opposite gender in some form or other in their life. A single-ed school provides individual attention to the additional needs of the students of a particular gender. They do not restrict them from communication or exposure to the opposite sex. It is a more opportunities centric curriculum which emphasizes on providing all the types of knowledge pertaining to different fields to their students. Therefore, it is an excellent option to opt for an all-girls boarding school for your daughter to ensure her dynamic personality development.

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