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A boarding school is a place where children reside inside buildings while being given formal training. The term “boarding” is used in the context of “room and board,” i.e., lodging and meals. Since they have been existed for many centuries and are now being spread throughout many countries, their stance and ethos have been changed significantly. Over the academic year, students at boarding school’s study and live with their classmates, as well as likely teachers or administrators. In many boarding schools, during the day, students go to school and then come home to their families in the afternoon. “Boarders” is a term used to describe students who attend boarding schools.

Children are sent to boarding school from a period of one year to twelve years or even longer, it depends upon the person and can be sent up to the age of eighteen. Borders are classified into several categories based on the frequency at which they visit their families. Full-time boarders go home at the end of the academic year, semester boarders go home at the end of the academic year, and weekly boarders go home on weekends. Semi-boarders typically attend a boarding school for preparation and exercises during school time, then go back to their respective house at the end of the day. Boarding students in some cities spend a considerable amount of their childhood and teenage years away from their family and friends.


In general, most parents are unsure if sending their child to a boarding school is the right decision. Making such a decision is extremely important for any parent because it will significantly impact their child’s life The Best Girls Boarding School in Dehradun offers students excellent sources of knowledge, qualified teachers, world-class facilities, field trips, and a variety of other academic benefits. Students are introduced to intelligent education here, where they are encouraged and inspired to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities that the school organizes regularly. Each student receives individual attention as well as assistance with their assignments. The school also assists in the growth of the child’s leadership and problem-solving abilities.


They believe that any parent’s primary concern, particularly if they consider sending their girl child to a boarding school, is her child’s safety. They take extra precautions and provide additional support to ensure that their female students have a safe and comfortable atmosphere. They have a top-notch, reliable security system in place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with experienced and skilled security personnel on hand to protect the campus. The school’s campuses are fully fenced in, and security guards are stationed in key locations under the chief security officer’s supervision.


Reasons that why Dehradun is best for girls planning for boarding school


    1. Certified teachers

Teachers and scholars trained for girls’ education are employed by the best girls boarding schools in Dehradun. They offer the appropriate level of treatment and support for a girl child to accomplish her goals and motivate them for self-fulfilment. Teachers also help provide the proper nurturing and support that a girl needs to achieve her full potential.


     2. Home-like environment

Families must make their children aware that they attend a residential school while emphasizing that the school is merely a home away from home. Nothing can replace one’s parents, family, and friends’ love and warmth, as we all know. However, the Best Girls Boarding School in Dehradun strives to provide a home-like atmosphere for each boy, making him or her feel at ease. They have loving and compassionate wardens and other pastoral care staff who look after the children.


     3.  Concern about physical fitness

The best girls boarding schools in Dehradun believe in providing the best physical education to their students. Students are encouraged to achieve academic success while also excelling in sports and extracurricular activities. They offer more than 16 Olympic sports, including horseback riding, gymnastics, diving, archery, and a shooting range, so that students can pick and choose from a diverse range of activities.


      4.  Broader outlook

The girls boarding school ensures that their daughter receives the education she needs to get out of the world and see it differently. This allows them to create a life for themselves while still establishing a career. They also have a variety of international partnerships with world-class universities and organizations that hold exchange programs regularly. Students are allowed to travel around the world to encounter new people to broaden their horizons.

      5.  Counselling

When it comes to student counselling, many of the best girls boarding schools in Dehradun display a great deal of concern. Students are taught life skills and value-based curriculum in separate career and personal counselling sessions at the schools, which cover much of the problems that teens encounter and their difficulties. These sessions allow students to talk about their issues, insecurities and struggles with professional counsellors who can help them solve their problems.

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