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Pros and Cons of studying in a girls boarding school in India

Well with the hardship of parenthood in nuclear families and parents working, boarding schools are becoming a popular option. Nevertheless, sending your daughter to a boarding school may be an emotional burden for you, yet many parents still consider this alternative. As a result, India has a diverse range of girls’ boarding schools. Because it is dependent on the school. There are benefits and drawbacks to everything.


Is Boarding School Beneficial or Harmful?


Boarding schools for girls, like typical day schools, have students reside on campus. They attend the same classes, eat the same meals, and share accommodations. Between grades, students travel home during the summer vacation, and some institutions even permit them to go home on the weekends. You must consider which choice would best fit your child, just as you do with some other institutions.

There’s no way of saying if boarding schools are helpful or negative on a broad scale. Every child is different with unique requirements, so each school has its purpose and vision statements.




Comfortable Atmosphere

 We typically feel more at ease when we’re around folks from our gender. One can better comprehend and empathize with each other’s issues. In addition, social issues are mostly ignored. In a comparable sex situation, girls might disclose more and chat more frankly. One another’s problems are handled in a much more positive and supportive manner.


There are no inconsistencies

There are differences in a co-ed school. The talents of both sexes to perform are vastly varied. Boys are seen to be serious in math and science, while girls lead certain areas such as language and the arts. In an all-girls school, such disparities in achievement are reduced significantly since children are exposed to various courses with much the same camphor and chances.


Breaking stereotypes entails the following

Many vocations and activities are classified as either men’s or women’s jobs across the globe. Stereotypes like this have no place at an all-girls residential school. The young ladies are exposed to a wide range of sports and activities. Girls have equal possibilities to thrive in every discipline, from volleyball and tennis to cricket and soccer, from arts and design to science and technology. They develop new passions and even pursue jobs in the most unusual of fields.


Gender partiality

 In co-ed schools, gender priority has been given in a variety of activities. An all-girls or perhaps even all-boys boarding school would not have such a biassed and limited environment. Learners have the option to engage in a variety of activities and showcase their interests and abilities.


Improved coordination

Girls and boys frequently detest one other’s company when they are younger. When the teams are intermingled, they have difficulty coordinating their efforts and forming positive relationships with one another. As a result, they do not have this challenge at an all-girls institution and may develop a more collaborative environment. This also improves their efficiency at work.


Better alleviation in the following situations

A girl’s first menstruation is a highly uncertain scenario. If she attends a boarding school, she would be able to receive more assistance in this situation. In a co-ed environment, it might be awkward, and a female may be hesitant to seek aid. Such situations can be handled more easily at a same-sex boarding school.




Homesickness is a feeling that you get while you are away from home

Although many youngsters have a lot in common, it’s impossible to deny that they will miss their friends and relatives. It’s very frequent among youngsters who live and study in boarding schools. Because it requires a while for students to get over their homesickness, it might result in depression. For the majority of them, the very first year in school may be difficult.


You’ll squander the best opportunity

Children’s emotional freedom and isolation from family might generate reflux and conflicting emotions in you if you live a full life in a boarding school.

This is also a significant emotional loss for the parents since they have lost out on the once-in-a-lifetime chance to view their children grow up next to them.


School expenses for boarding

The growing demand for fees for most boarding schools in India is among the most significant factors that all parents seek. People believe the fees would burn a hole in the wallet. They demand more from pupils so that they can afford to pay them a reasonable sum.


Awkwardness around the opposite gender


There is no denying that all-girls boarding school provides the freedom and a non-biased all-girls environment for your child to grow but no interaction with boys deprives them of the confidence to be in the vicinity of boys once they leave the school.


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