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  • Post published:Feb 4, 2020
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Why boarding schools in Dehradun is the perfect choice for your daughter

Dehradun is known as the education capital of India, where a melange of well-known boarding schools is responsible for offering quality education to students. Who doesn’t want his/her daughter to attain education from the best schools in India? Considering the fact that Dehradun has lots of boarding schools, maximum parents want their daughters to be a part of the prestigious boarding schools of Dehradun. The schools in Dehradun are especially known for the holistic development of a student. The city is well-equipped with co-educational as well as single-gender schools, affiliated to CBSE, ICSE or CIE. 

A plethora of residential schools for girls are available in Dehradun; hence there are enough options to choose from. Choosing the perfect school for your child is a tedious job, but good research ensures you to land on the correct website. Safety and security of a girl child have always been given prime importance in the Dehradun. Still, if you are worried, let me elucidate ten points that prove why boarding school is the best choice for your daughter’s education

1. Boarding schools are a second home for your children. Hostels are generally within school premises, and there’s always a warden, teacher or a peer group accompanying your child; hence, sending your daughter to boarding schools are usually on the safer side.
2. There’s a tendency for children to stay dependent on parents while being at home. However, if you are planning to send your daughter to boarding schools, they will be able to learn washing clothes on their own, cleaning their room, preparing their meals, etc. A sense of responsibility and independence will prepare them for future challenges and make them smarter in comparison to students of public schools.
3. Boarding schools in Dehradun tend to be socially diverse. Girls from throughout the nation, with a different culture, background and traditions come here, and it enriches your knowledge and perspective.
4. Modern boarding facilities enable girls to enjoy different recreational activities, enhance their knowledge from a variety of books present in the library and encourage them to participate in group discussions. It is recommended to consult the website to have a detailed approach to the amenities of a boarding school.
5. Smart classrooms are a boon for today’s youth who can enjoy the facility of audio/video demonstration of several concepts and enhance their knowledge about different topics.
6. An insightful and impact learning environment is offered to your daughters for their growth in future.
7. The overall growth of a student depends on curricular and co-curricular activities, both. Boarding schools in Dehradun encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities, according to their area of interest.
8. Punctuality and all the spheres of discipline are being taught in boarding schools of Dehradun; hence, stay assured that your child will be nurtured in a well-disciplined environment.
9. Boarding schools in Dehradun allow girls to express their thoughts and opinions freely that make them strong, resilient and independent in the near future.
10. Boarding school in Dehradun hire selected teachers who not only educate your daughter but also guide them the right path for their future endeavors.

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